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Welcome to +2feet! +2feet is a Greek team that creates wheelchairs for animals who they can't walk. Every animal has its own unique wheelchair as they are adjusted on every pet separately. 2 meters equal 6.56167979 feet (2m = 6.56167979ft). Converting 2 m to ft is easy. Simply use our calculator above, or apply the formula to change the weight 2 m to ft.

2. Fetor Hepaticus

FET stands for 'Field Effect Transistor' it is a three terminal uni polar solid state device in which current is control by an electric field.

FET can be fabricated with either N- Channel or P- Channel, for the fabrication of N-Channel JFET first a narrow bar of N-type of semiconductor material is taken and then two P-Type junction are defused on opposite sides of it's middle part, called channel. The two regions are internally connected to each other with a signal lead, which is called Gate terminal. One lead is called Source terminal and the other is called Drain terminal.Construction of FET

P-Channel JFET is similarly is constructed except that it use P- type of bar and two N- types of junctions.


It is the terminal through which majority carriers are entered in the bar, so it is called Source.


It is the terminal through which the majority carriers leads the bar, so it is called the drain terminal.


These are two terminals which are internally connected with each other and heavily doped regions which form two PN-Junctions.

Working / Operation FET or JFET

Gate are always in reverse biased, hence the gate current IG is practically zero. The source terminal is always connected to end of the drain supply, which provides the necessary carrier, in N- Channel JFET Source terminal is connected to the negative end of the drain voltage source. The electrons flow from source to drain through the channel from D to S is started,

the current ID increases as VDS is increased from zero on ward. This relation ship between VDS and ID continuous till VDS reaches certain value called 'Pinch OFF' VPO.

When VDS is equal to zero and VGS is decreased from zero, the gate reverse bias increases the thinks of the region, as the negative value of the VGS is increase a stage cones when the two dip lections regions touch each other, in this conduction the channel is said to be Cut OFF.

JFET as Amplifier

One of the application of the JFET is an Amplifier, it amplified the weak signal connected in the Gate terminal , the input is always reversed biased, a small change in the reverse bias on the gate produce large change in the drain current, this fact make JFET capable of amplifing the weak signals

Working / Operation

When negative signal is applied at in put of the amplifier, the gate bias is increase, duplication layer is decrease, Channel resistance is increase, ID is decreased, Drop across Load Resistor is decreases, and the positive signal is present at output through C2.
When the positive signal is applied at the input the action will be the wise versa
This seen that there is phase inveration between the input signal at the gate and the output signal at the drain.

Application of JFET

JFET is used at large scale in amplifiers circuits, analog switches; it is also used in AGC system, voltage regulators, buffer amplifiers.



The MOSFET is sub divided in to two types,

  2. E only MOSFET


This MOSFET could be operating in both duplication and Enhancement mode. By Changing the Polarity o VGS, when VGS is negative for the N-Channel DE- MOSFET is operate in depletion mode, however with positive gate voltage it operates in an Enhancement mode.


This MOSFET Operates in the only Enhancement mode. It differs only in construction from the DE- MOSFET in that there exists no channel between the drain and source.

DE-MOSFET Construction

Like JFET it has source, Gate and Drain, However its gate is insulated from its conduction channel by an ultra thin metal oxide. Insulating film usually silicon dioxides (SiO2), because of this insulating property MOSFET is also known as Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor (IGFET). In DE-MOSFET we can apply both the positive and negative voltages at gate terminal because the gate terminal is isolated from the channel.

DE-MOSFET Working / Operation

Depletion Mode

When VGS=0 electrons can flow freely from source to drain through the conduction channel, When a negative voltage is applied at gate terminal, it depletes the N- channel and its electrons by inducing positive charges in it. Grater negative voltage on the gate, grater is the reduction in the number of electrons in the channel which increase the conduction. In fact too much negative gate voltage cut off the channel, thus with negative gate voltage a DE-MOSFET behaves like a JFET, for this reason negative gate operation of DE-MOSFET is called Depletion mode Operation.

Enhancement Mode

In circuit diagram the drain current flows from source to drain even with zero gate bias, when positive voltage is applied to the gate, the input gate capacitor is able to create pre- electrons in the channel which increase the ID. Pre- electrons are induced in the channel by the capacitor action, these electrons are added to the other ready electrons for the conduction, which increase the number of electrons and these electrons increase the conductivity of the channel.

As positive gate voltage increases the number of induced electrons is increased which increase the conductivity of channel from source to drain, this way the current is also increased. The positive gate operation of the DE-MOSFET is known as enhancement mode.

Application of MOSFET

MOSFET have wide application in field of electronics some of these application are given below.

  1. As input amplifier in oscilloscope, electronic volt meter, and other measuring and testing equipment because they have high input resistance.
  2. It is used In logic circuits for fast switching.
  3. It is also used in TV receiver.
  4. It is used in computer circuits.
  5. In high frequency amplifiers.
Two Feet
Birth nameZachary William Dess
BornJune 21, 1993 (age 27)[1][2]
Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.[3]
OriginHarlem, New York City, New York, U.S.[2]
GenresElectronic, alternative rock[4]
  • Vocals
  • guitar
Years active2016–present

2 Feet Equals How Many Inches

Zachary William 'Bill' Dess,[5] (born June 21, 1993), known by his stage name Two Feet, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City. He attended Tenafly High School in Tenafly, New Jersey.[citation needed]

Dess played locally in jazz and blues ensembles before forming Two Feet.[6] After his single 'Go Fuck Yourself' became a viral hit on SoundCloud,[7][8] he signed with Republic Records. The single reached number 36 on the US Hot Rock Songs chart. His next single, 'I Feel Like I'm Drowning', reached number one on the US Alternative Songs chart in 2018.[7] On October 5, 2018, Two Feet released his EP A 20 Something Fuck, which featured the singles 'I Feel Like I'm Drowning' and 'Hurt People'.[9] On March 13, 2020, he released his debut album Pink, and on April 16, 2021, he will release his second album Max Maco Is Dead Right?.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Pink (2020)
  • Max Maco Is Dead Right? (2021)


  • First Steps (2016)
  • Momentum (2017)
  • A 20 Something Fuck (2018)


List of singles, with showing year released, peak chart positions and album name
TitleYearPeak chart positionsCertificationsAlbum
'Go Fuck Yourself'201636[11]
  • RIAA: Gold[12]
First Steps
'I Feel Like I'm Drowning'201713[13]1[14]
  • RIAA: Gold[15]
  • ZPAV: Platinum[16]
A 20 Something Fuck
'Same Old Song (S.O.S., Pt. 1)'[citation needed]2018
'Hurt People'[17]
'Lost the Game'Pink
'I Want It'Non-album single
'Think I'm Crazy'[18]30Max Maco Is Dead Right?
'Time Fades Away'
'Never Enough'
'Part Time Psycho'
(with Shaed)[19]
High Dive
'—' denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

As featured artist[edit]

List of singles showing artist names, year released, and album names.
'Not Me' by MELVV (feat. Two Feet)2016Non-album singles
'Mercy' by MØ (feat. What So Not & Two Feet)2018Forever Neverland
'Drugs' by UPSAHL (feat. Two Feet)2020Non-album singles
'I Want Love' by Gryffin (feat. Two Feet)2021
'PATCHWERK' by Sub Urban (feat. Two Feet)2021


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