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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Common Android Views Cheat Sheet.pdf. Common Android Views Cheat Sheet.pdf. Android Studio is the software most often used by me and bringing out maximum productivity is my focus. In order to maximize productivity, I have listed down the Android Studio Shortcuts. The Android Studio Shortcuts will not only reduce the usage of working with a mouse but will also help in becoming faster. TLDR: Cheat sheet below. Download PDF version for clickable links. Multitaskers Humans are notoriously bad multitaskers. Even though we convinced ourselves we’re not. Science shows as soon as we start to do multiple things at the same time, our concentration drops, we get sloppy and errors ramp up.

At Portcullis, assessing Android applications is a frequent activity for us and we figured it would be helpful to assist others looking to get into the field of testing Android applications. To this end, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet below, it contains a number of commonly used ADB commands, as well as useful commands to assist in gathering information or performing less common tasks.


This particular cheat sheet has been written for use with Cheat so that it can be quickly looked up within a terminal.

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One of the most useful methods for editing multiple lines of code or XML in Android Studio (or IntelliJ) is multicursor. This is a feature that makes it possible to edit multiple lines at the same time. There are a few shortcuts you need to remember before you can really take advantage of multicursor, and this is basically a cheat sheet with the most useful multicursor-related shortcuts.

Multiple carets

Android Cheats App

There are a few different ways to add and remove carets, depending on the situation.

Android cheats app

With the mouse, use Shift+Alt+Click to add a caret and Shift+Alt+Click on a caret to remove it. If you need a faster way to add a bunch of carests, you can press Alt while clicking and dragging vertically to select a block or a line.

With the keyboard, press Ctrl(Windows & Linux) / Alt(macOS) twice, and then without releasing it, press up or down arrow keys. To delete all the existing carets, except the primary one, press Esc.

Android Studio Cheat Sheet Pdf

Multiple selections

There are also several ways to select multiple occurrences of the same text.

You can manually create new selections by pressing Shift+Alt and double-clicking the left mouse button. If you want to select matching pieces of text, press Alt+J (Windows & Linux) / Ctrl+G (macOS) to automatically find and select the next occurrence of the currently selected text.

If you need to select all the occurrences, you can speed it up by using Shift+Ctrl+Alt+J (Windows & Linux) / Ctrl+Cmd+G (macOS).

Android Studio Java Cheat Sheet


When you make multiple selection, you can edit all the pieces of text at the same time, and use Esc to deselect all, except the primary one.

Android Studio Shortcut Cheat Sheet