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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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As a new Hi-Fi user I’m very disappointed that there is no “official” Deezer app without Windows Store. I’ve found this Link but it seems like it’s outdated because there is a newer version on Windows Store. Turn your TV into a jukebox with the new Deezer app. Search for your favourite tracks and transform your sofa into a karaoke bar with on-screen lyrics! Sign up for a free account to pump out your Deezer Flow, search for artists and listen to Mixes. Get a Premium+ account to enjoy your favorite tracks, playlists, personalised recommendations and more, all without limits. Rince cycle and repeat without success, could only access the deezer subscription page or the deezer google play app store. So in the end, my only real method for downloading music from deezer successfully is using SMLoadr with my WIndows 7 desktop PC, still works without a fault.

If you want to experience with much more feeling with the music items, you must select the Deezer music player for that purpose. Here any user would be able to explore the items in any genre here those are. Approximately there are over 56 million records are classified under the Deezer music player. The Deezer can be recommended as the best companion of all the music lovers. If you haven’t appointed yet Deezer as your companion this is the best time. Surely it will give you all the fabulous and favorite items just in few minutes. Deezer APk is about 20MB, which make it easier to download on any mobile networks.

Features of the Deezer APK

  • Streaming more types of local and foreign music, podcasts and radio
    There are many types of records present in Deezer. Actually there is no other vast library just similar to be the Deezer app. Anyone could find out an expanding library catalog.
  • Best song catcher
    The Deezer is known to be the best and ever found song catcher. It can detect the searching items that match for your exploration.
  • New tracks
    You would obtain the latest tracks and songs. All the content are update to provide latest music.
  • Create your own Playlist
    Create your own list of favorites using create playlist feature.
  • You are a Playlist maker
    Yourselves can become the creator of an own Playlist. Deezer will allow you to become a new creator at any time and anywhere.
  • Share with others
    You are not the only person that has to be experienced with the already created Playlist. There are more sharing options are allowed by the Deezer. By that feature, each and every user can experience with your list.
  • Discover what you want
    Here there are more types of items and contents that can be discovered while using the Deezer. There are audio channels and radio stations that can be searched by using the Deezer. That task would be a help for the everyday users of the Deezer. That would be much help for the improvement of the performance of the Deezer.
  • The flow of the Deezer
    User can Customise the flow of the Deezer. According to the idea of yours, the Deezer will improve the performance of it as well as able to discover more new items.
  • Compatible devices
    There are more types of devices that are compatible with the Deezer app. Just enjoy with non-stop music items forever and ever with the Deezer app.
  • Deezer Premium
    The premium version comes with the much more exclusive features. There are no more advertisements. The offline mode allows you to download any content while you are online and then experience them while you are offline. You can skip the contents unlimited. The sound quality of all content couldn’t be compared with any other app.

Download Deezer APK Free

You can download this app from play store and experience it for free. But if you want to use the premium version with more other exceptional features, certainly you have to pay. That is not a huge amount compared with its rivals. If you are looking for Apple music like player for Android, then Deezer Music Player apk is the best choice.

Click here to download this app via Google Play Store.


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There are so many apps available to listen and download music only. These apps allow you to listen music online and download also on your device for later use. You can download these apps from the play for android and app store for iPhone. There are so many apps like deezer available in the online market which share music like deezer and allows you to download and play songs on your devices. So now we are going to discuss top 10 available best apps to listen music which can be better alternative of deezer music app and these are apps like deezer which comes with so many songs and features also like deezer.

Part 1: Top 5 apps like deezer for android

1. Spotify


Deezer Desktop App

Spotify is an android application which allow you to listen music. This app is available for free form the Google play store for the android user. You can listen unlimited music by using spotify. This app can be a best alternative for the android users who love to listen music. You can listen music according to the articles and albums or if you want you can create your own playlist also by using it. Free version of spotify don’t allow you to download music on your device for later use. If you are looking to download songs on your device then you need to buy premium version of this application. Quality of premium version songs is very good than the free version.

App Store Deezer

2. SoundCloud - Music & Audio

App Store Deezer Reviews

There are millions of people using soundcloud app to listen their favorite music on their devices anytime anywhere for free without paying a single penny. This is also an app like deezer which you can listen anywhere at any time soundcloud will allow you to listen whole world. With soundcloud you can discover new and trending music which you will not find anywhere. You can share your favorite music with your friends or personalize your playlist by adding your favorite music. It allows you to sign in using Google, Facebook or with your email address also. It allow you to play and pause from the lock screen also without unlocking your device. You will face a problem in this app that is ads which comes in the free version of the app and you are not able to download and listen songs offline in the free version.

3. Shazam

Shazam is also an alternative to deezer music. This application available in the 2 version on the play store, one is free and second one is paid version. This one is also one of the best available application for android user to listen music on the android devices. You can grab world of music by using it and completely for free in the free version of this application. You can access your favorite videos in just one tap or related tracks also. You can listen music from the top artists such as adele, demi lovato etc. You can follow them to share also. It automatically identify music in just one tap. Just simply login to access shazam. In the offline mode of shazam you can access all your music where you are not connected to the internet also.

4. Google Play Music

This is the best available application to download and listen music offline as an alternative for deezer. This is a free app like deezer where deezer charge money to listen songs it will not charge you anything. This app is developed by google and comes with 35 million free songs to download and listen on your device when you are not connected to the internet for complete free. You can instantly start radio station based on the artists, songs albums etc. This app is completely ad free you will not face any ads problem with Google play music. You can store up to 50000 songs from your personal collection also or you can recommend music according to your taste also.

5. SongFlip - Free Music

This is also an available alternative app like deezer for android user to listen 10 million songs for free. This app allows you to listen millions of songs for free without paying anything. You can listen popular songs by using it for free. It allows you to find your music according to your country also. You can create playlist of your own music and your favorite songs or download them for later use.

Part 2: Top 5 apps like deezer for iOS

1. Rdio Music

This app for is available for ios users as an alternative for deezer music app. This is the app like deezer and it comes with 35 million songs in it. You can play and share them. You can enjoy endless music by using rdio music app along with fm or your own personalized station. You can play songs, albums and playlists. It allows you to listen music on phone or other idevices also. It allows you to download songs for offline listening for later use. By using it you can follow your friends, articles or music lovers also. In the paid version of this app you can download unlimited songs on your mobile. For paid version of this app price is 12.99 USD.

2. Songza

Songza is a very popular music streaming application for the ios user as an alternative to the deezer which is a good app like deezer. This app is very popular in the US and Canadian. This application is available only for the US and Canadian users in other countries it’s not available. This app was known as the best app of 2012 there is no limit to listen music in this app. There are thousands of music playlists personally created by the music experts to listen. You can save your favorite songs by using this app and share them on facebook, twitter and email also. You can listen music anywhere at gym or working or relaxing it will play unlimited music for free for you.

3. Pandora Radio

This music app is available for ios users to listen millions of songs for free on their idevices. Pandora allows you to find out your favorite music with just starting with the name of your favorite articles, generes or composers. You just need to enter the name only other things app will automatically do. It will find your favorite music and start playing for you. You can create your personalized stations by using it. It offers you high quality audio for free with custom skins and without any ads and very few interruptions. You subscription will automatically renew every month or if you don’t want to renew then you can turn it off from the itunes.

4. Beats Music

Beat music app is an streaming application for ios users which let allow you to listen music for their ios devices. You just need to hit on play it will start playing music for you for free. In the free version the application you can listen millions of songs for free but you can’t download them for later use. If you want to download songs for later use then you need to buy premium version of this application which is available for 9.99$ per month and 99.99$ per year. This subscription will automatically renew but if you don’t want to renew then you can stop it from the itunes.

5. Rhapsody for iOS 4

Rhapsody is available for iOS 4 for free of cost for the ios user. You can get unlimited high quality music by using this awesome application for your ios device. Normally it’s a radio app but actually it’s not because it provides you everything more than a radio. It has power to play the song what exactly you are looking for. You need to be a member of America #1 digital music subscription service to listen music using this app but if you are already a member of this service then you can just install and start listening your favorite songs. You can listen new released songs on every Tuesday with ad free high quality. Free version of this app allow user to listen free unlimited songs for 30 days.

Part 3: Best apps like deezer companion (IMusic)

After discussing above top 10 aps for android and ios now I am going to share some information about one of the best available for your pc and mac which come with all in one feature - IMusic. For the all music lover form all over the world there is a best available application for you to download your favorite music from more than 10000+ websites from the house of wondershare. is company form china who really develop great products. Today we are going to share this product from the wondershare which is an awesome product for the all music lovers. This app not only can download music from the music sharing site even it allow user to record music also and transfer your music to any device without usb or with usb.

iMusic is one of the best media managing music for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad.

  • Download music from more than 300 music sites by copying and pasting the URL.
  • Record unlimited music from any website for playback in your computer with just one click.
  • Built-in music library let you browse and preview the lattest and hottest music.
  • Automatically save downloaded/recorded music to library for management and easy transfer.
  • Identify and tag music with artist, title, album, genre, and more with the latest technology.
Key features:

• Download music from deezer and other 10000+ sites
• Download deezer playlist directly no need to download songs one by one
• Record any music from internet.
• Discover and download music directly from IMusic platform
• Replace mp4 files in mp3 format in just one click.
• Allows you to get free music in 3 ways.
• Automatically analyze and clean up music library
• inbuilt player to playback your songs.
• No limit on transferring music between devices.
• Able to use android device with itunes.
• Create your personal custom mixtape CD without any problem.
• Tag your music automatically or manually
• Remove missing or broken tags
• Back and restore your itunes library
• Find duplicates and delete automatically
• Manage your itunes library without any restrictions.

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