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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Atlassian’s JIRA lets you work smarter, instead of harder.

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JQL Syntax for the Impatient. There are a few JQL syntax bits to get you started: AND- allows you to add qualifiers to a list!= Thing- target one thing; is in (List, Of, Things)- target a bunch of things (Done, Closed, Resolved) typically. Atlassian Jql Cheat Sheet 2 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Atls JQL Cheat sheet 2.

Enough for loving it, it also includes a wide range of keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Atlassian Jira Project Management Software (v8.13.5#813005-sha1:c18f263:i-0f6ac2c-ipp- About Jira; Report a problem; Atlassian.
  2. JQL (JIRA Query Language) Cheat Sheet. Cheatsheet for JIRA's Query Language. Saved by Cheatography. Program Management Project Management Character Words Computer Help Cheat Sheets Cheating Leadership Texts Language.

You can, for example, invoke shortcut actions to quickly switch between Issue Navigator and View Issue screens, create and edit issues, or add comments.

If, like me, you’re passionate about collaborating better and managing projects more easily, check out the graphic below.

It lists 16 JIRA keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to cut down on your clicks.

Bookmark it and practice as much as you can.

In no time, you’ll see productivity and focus skyrocketing inside of JIRA!

Jira – The Most Handy 16 Keyboard Shortcuts

A quick and easy reference to the most important keyboard shortcuts on JIRA.

Global operationsPC
Go to Dashboardg, then d
Browse to Projectg, then p
Find Issuesg, then i
Create Issuec
Navigating IssuesPC
View Selected Issueo or Enter
Next Issuej
Previous Issuek
Next Activityn
Previous Activityp
Search For Issuesu
Switch Filter Viewt
Detail View Order Byy
Issue ActionsPC
Edit Issuee
Assign Issuea
Assign To Yourselfi

Note: The official Atlassian Documentation states that “You may not have permission to perform all the keyboard shortcut actions described on this page. This depends on how your JIRA administrator(s) have configured permissions for your user account.”. A thoughtful warning, more than a disclaimer, by the folks at Atlassian.

Moreover, while Global Keyboard Shortcuts are available from any JIRA screen, Issue Keyboard Shortcuts are available from JIRA’s “View Issue” and “Issue Navigator” screens only.

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Tips Info
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By Robert Leitch on July 18, 2014

You've successfully installed Structure in your JIRA instance and you're ready to start organizing your issues. What next? Here's a guide to getting started with one of the most popular add-ons for JIRA.

Enable some projects

Structure needs to be told which JIRA projects it can work with. Issues from these projects can then be accessed and managed in Structure.

By default, Structure is not enabled for any projects, so this is one of the first things you need to do after installation. See Selecting Structure-Enabled Projects for full details or watch this short how-to video.

Get issues into Structure

The first time you open Structure, you'll be greeted by an empty structure board. You need to put issues from your Structure-enabled projects in here.

Because then you can arrange your issues in a hierarchy like this

Issues can be added to Structure manually by searching for them in the search bar using plain text or JQL queries and then adding them from the results panel to the structure board.

Atlassian Jql Cheat Sheet Download

You can also create and edit issues inline in the structure board, something I'm sure you'll enjoy endlessly.

Set up some views

The columns in the structure board can be added or removed, resized and moved around. When you're happy with the way things look, you can save the layout as a view so you can access it again later.

If you use the Testy extension for Structure, you'll know just how great views are

Atlassian Jql Cheat Sheet 2020

You can even choose to share your custom views with other users, or just keep them to yourself.

Learn the shortcuts

Atlassian Jql Documentation

Keyboard shortcuts help to reduce mouse wear. They also give quick access to a lot of commonly used functions. Type Ctrl+? in the structure board to bring up the Structure keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet.

Jira Jql Cheat Sheet

My personal favourites are, well... all of them, really.

Get help when you need it

Jira Jql Tutorial

If you're unsure how to do something, please take a few moments to peruse our Structure documentation. It's very thorough and there's a good chance you'll find the answers to a lot of questions there.

Jira Jql Syntax

Jira jql cheat sheet pdf

Should you have no luck with the documentation, try searching Atlassian Answers to see if your question has been asked before, or contact our support team who are always happy to assist.

If things are just not working quite as they should, you might want to refer to the Structure troubleshooting guide.

Tell us what you want

According to lead Structure developer Pavel Zvyagin, approximately 68.3% of Structure consists of user-requested features. If you'd like to see Structure do something that it can't do yet, make a feature request.