Backblaze B2 S3 Compatible

Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

The S3 Compatible API will accept a range of 0, 86400 XML input size The size limit for CORS rules XML input is 100 KB; If you plan on using CORS for both the B2 Native API and S3 Compatible API, please see our CORS documentation for expected behavior and differences. The Backblaze S3 Compatible API can be used with existing AWS SDKs. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Launches S3 Compatible APIs With Partners IBM Aspera, Veeam, Quantum Company’s scalable object storage is now available to the global business population that built.

As of May 4, 2020, Backblaze B2 supports S3-compatible API, which allows synthetic full backup to Backblaze B2 for image-based backups.

The Synthetic Full Backup for Backblaze B2 is supported in standalone versions only. The support for MBS Backup Agent is not yet implemented

Enable Synthetic Backup for Backblaze B2

To enable synthetic backup for Backblaze B2, proceed as follows:

Create Bucket

Buckets created prior to May 4, 2020, are not S3 Compatible. If you do not have any S3 Compatible buckets, you have to create a new one. All buckets created after May 4, 2020 will be S3 compatible.

To create a new bucket, log on to your Backblaze B2 account, select Buckets, then click Create a Bucket, then specify the name for the new bucket and access mode: Public or Private.

There are three things you need to connect to your bucket utilizing the Backblaze S3 Compatible API:

  • S3 Endpoint
  • Application Key ID
  • Application Key.

To find the S3 Endpoint for your account, select Buckets, then find the target bucket. The S3 Endpoint can be found under Endpoint:

Create New Application Key ID and Application Key

  1. Select App keys.
  2. Click Add a New Application Key.

Warning: do not click Generate New Master Application key! Such keys are not S3 compatible

  1. Specify all required application key settings, then click Create New Key.
  1. Copy the KeyID and applicationKey to a safe place.
Backblaze b2 calculator

You are now ready to add an S3 compatible BackBlaze bucket to MSP360 Backup.

Add Backblaze S3-compatible Storage Destination

  1. In MSP360 Backup application menu, click Add Storage Account.
  2. Select Backblaze B2 (S3 compatible).
  1. Specify the credentials and S3 Endpoint for the new bucket.

Backblaze B2 S3 Compatible Headphones

  1. Click OK.

Now you can use Backblaze B2 backup storage for synthetic image-based backups.

Enable Synthetic Backup

To enable synthetic backup, edit your image-based backup plans:

Backblaze B2 S3 Compatible Batteries

  1. On the Select Backup Storage step, specify one of your Backblaze B2 (S3 compatible) buckets as the target, click Next.
  2. On the Advanced Options step, check the Enable Synthetic Full Backup checkbox.
  3. Finish the backup wizard and save the backup plan configuration.