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Bartending is a highly competitive profession, but the Spirited Awards 2014 have selected these 10 mixologists for their killer cocktails, innovativeness and outstanding customer service.

These are the world’s 10 best bartenders, as identified by the Tales of the Cocktail

As the cocktail renaissance of the 21st Century continues across the globe, there has never been a more exciting time to enter the bartending profession.


While the on-trade was once confined to serving rum and cokes, beer, and shots, intercepted with the odd Daiquiri or Mojito, the industry is now seeing greater experimentation and talent than ever before.

Some are meant to entertain or inspire a spirited DIY project or two, while others transport you to the world’s best drinking destinations or provide a stunning centerpiece and conversation starter in the form of a coffee table book. Here are the best cocktail and bartending guides, with insight provided by some of the country’s top bartenders. The world’s 10 best bartenders. 3rd June, 2014 by Amy Hopkins. The Slovakian-born bartender pioneered Nightjar’s use of vintage barware, the iconic nightjar bird vessel, and cocktail. SEE ALSO!!!: TWELVE ProductionFACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: h.

But a flair for true innovation is what separates the great and the good. One of the world’s foremost cocktail and spirits festivals Tales of the Cocktail recently endeavoured to recognise the world’s bartending greats when it announced the top 10 finalists for its International Bartender of the Year Spirited Award, spanning the international bar scene from London to Tokyo.

Best Bartender In The World 2014

Click through the following pages to see our list of the world’s best bartenders, as identified by Tales of the Cocktail’s International Bartender of the Year Spirited Award.

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Erik Lorincz is head bartender at the historic American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London’s West End. At last year’s Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, he took home a Spirited Award—the “Oscar of the bartending world”—for Best Bartender in the World. That’s the actual name of the category he won.

I dropped by the legendary bar last fall for a cocktail and to chat with the handsome Slovak. He’s a soft-spoken, reserved gentleman behind the bar—working in a profession that is not always known for the type. From the time I sit down at the bar his hands are constantly in motion mixing drinks, arranging bottles and tidying his mis en place, while never once dropping a beat in our conversation. As I arrived, he was mixing up batches of rum tiki cocktails, to age in barrels behind the bar.

How has the bartending community in London responded to you and the American Bar bringing home two Spirited Awards from New Orleans last summer?
It’s a really good culture in London and everyone is very supportive of successes. I spent eight years at The Connaught and they were really happy to see me win.

Your success is their success! What do you think are the keys to good bartending?
It’s really important for bartenders to know who they are talking to and to try not to look at what customers are drinking. If someone asks for something weird and I can make it, I’ll make it for the first round. But for the second round, I ask if they will let me choose.

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You are Slovakian. Do you see this kind of elevated cocktail culture moving to Eastern Europe?
Yes! To Eastern and Central Europe. I’ve seen more bar shows happen this year since I’ve been in the industry. This year there were bar shows in Prague, Greece, Paris, Moscow, Holland, Poland, Germany…

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Why do you think this is happening now?
Well, it’s the second Golden Age of cocktails. Bartenders are taking themselves seriously, treating it like a career and not a temporary job. Michelin star chefs are recognized all over the world, and now bartenders are getting some kind of recognition.

And how does the American Bar at The Savoy fit into this second Golden Age? After all, it was around for the first.
The Savoy and The American Bar are such classics, they are places for special occasions. People come here taking pictures, to celebrate. I see proposals all the time. One couple engraved their room number and “The Savoy” on the engagement ring.

What do you like to order when you’re on the other side of the bar?
A martini. It’s a very simple drink and very difficult to make correctly. When my martini is right, I’m a happy man.

What are the top five cocktails you serve at The American Bar?
The White Lady, the Hanky Panky, Martinis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds.

Do you have any recent favorite unusual cocktail ingredients, liqueurs, or spirits that you’re enjoying playing with?
I really love the Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao. It’s a component in many classic cocktails, but it was unavailable until recently. David Wondrich has been working with Pierre Ferrand to bring back a lot of spirits and liqueurs that are not made anymore.

What’s a cocktail you like to use it in?
It’s a new cocktail I created. I call it the Pioneer Cocktail and I’ve dedicated it to two cocktail pioneers across the Atlantic from each other. Henry Craddock and Don Facundo Bacardi. It has Bacardi, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Carlshamns Flaggpunsch, Creole bitters, Fresh lime and superfine sugar.

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