Best Guitar Tone Logic Pro X

Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
  1. Best Guitar Tone Logic Pro X Download
  2. How To Get A Good Guitar Tone In Logic
Best guitar tone logic pro x download

You can transpose or fine tune the pitch of audio regions in tracks that you've already recorded to match the pitch of the instruments in the project. For example, if you've changed the key of a project, some of your existing vocal tracks might be out of tune.

Best Guitar Tone Logic Pro X Download

  1. Select a region in the Tracks area.
  2. Click the Inspector button in the control bar, or press I on your keyboard.
  3. In the Inspector, if necessary click the disclosure triangle icon next to Region to view region parameters. Or, press Option–R to open the Region inspector in a separate window.
  4. Do either to transpose or fine-tune an audio region:
    • To choose a preset value, click the Transpose or Fine Tune pop-up menu and choose a pre-set value.
    • To set a custom value, click-and-drag in the Transpose or Fine Tune field.

The audio region in the Tracks area and the Audio Tracks Editor shows how much you're transposing the region in semi-tones. If you change the pitch of a region during playback, you hear the changes immediately.

Best Guitar Tone Logic Pro X
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How To Get A Good Guitar Tone In Logic

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