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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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Bitpay Canada

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This is the second time I tried using Bitpay and again my coins got stuck and the webshop never received any coins even though Bitpay confirmed that payment has been made. Simply stay away from using Bitpay as a payment solution. The website looks very pretty and modern but on the inside it is ugly and the support is non existent. BitPay was founded in 2011 to provide mobile checkout services to companies that wanted to accept bitcoins. By October 2012, BitPay had grown to having 1,100 active merchants, including being WordPress's bitcoin merchant. BitPay announced in January 2013 that they would be relocating their headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia, from their previous location, Orlando, Florida.

Using Bitcoin in everyday transactions has always been an inconvenient struggle, especially since financial institutions have had massive pushback against the adoption of cryptocurrency. Trying to spend Bitcoin in an establishment like a grocery store is almost the equivalent of attempting to convince the cashier to accept “Schrute Bucks” or the Venezuelan Bolivar.

The popular alternative is to convert their Bitcoin into fiat through a cryptocurrency exchange where oftentimes users find themselves losing their sanity just attempting to register. The long-winded KYC process brings back the trauma of spending the full day waiting in line at the government office. This leads us to wonder if exchanges are contracting DMV or Service Ontario employees to manage their sloth-like onboarding process.

Last year, our team solved this issue by implementing our Bitcoin ATMs supporting sell transactions. However, we were later flooded with complaints requesting for an online method that did not require the trek to one of our 130+ Bitcoin ATM locations across Canada. We listened to your feedback and came up with a great solution!

The Cryptocurrency Visa Debit Card

We are proud to announce the release of our Bitcoin Visa Debit Card. Bitcoin can be directly loaded onto the card and spent like any other debit or credit card at stores where VISA is accepted.

Online registration is simple as there is no tedious registration process. Only full name, address and birthday are required (photo ID and utility bills are not required). Users can expect physical cards to be issued within 24 hours, not including shipping time. For those less inclined to wait, a virtual card is also available.

The Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card will be one of the only available to Canadian consumers. Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Cardholders can also rest assured knowing their card comes from Localcoin, a trustworthy Toronto-based company with over 130+ locations in franchises such as Gateway Newstands, Hasty Market, Quickie and Provi-soir.

Localcoin Visa Debit Card Features

Bitpay Word List

  • No photo ID required
  • Account balance maximum of $7500
  • 24 hour activation period
  • Physical & Virtual Cards Available
  • Visa issued cards
  • Accepts Bitcoin

Upcoming Q1 of 2019, users can expect an online digital trading platform for purchasing and selling cryptocurrency through traditional payment methods like Interac e-transfer and online debit. Customers can visit our website for more information and join us in leading the industry towards greater Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption.

Ready to get a Bitcoin Visa Debit Card of your own? Click here to sign up today!