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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Connect via UART TTL. You will want to get this working sooner or later, as it is the best way to debug your buildroot distro on the board.config is simply raspberrypi2defconfig + openssh enabled with make menuconfig. Then just: ssh '[email protected]$(cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases cut -d ' '. The openssh package comprises three separate entities: the SSH client, SSH server, and some SSH key utilities. One may want the client but not the server, the server but not the client, or maybe only the key utilities. Add separate options for each entity and update the files installed on target accordingly. And tell buildroot in make menuconfig System Configuration user tables where to find your user table file. The above sample content would create an additional user foo with password bar (login is activated). This user can login via ssh right away, since he's not root. Option B: Permit Root Login.


Buildroot sshd

SSH is a very common tool. It is used on nearly every Linux computer. Therefore, we add SSH as a default tool in the Buildroot to speed up your developing. Once the computer connecting to a network, you can use this convenient tool.

The default username of Firefly-PX3-SE is root and the password is 123

Prepare for connection¶

Buildroot Ssh Package

Please refer to WIFI & Ethernet for details to configure the network and make sure it can ping the host successfully.

SSH login¶

For SSH login, you can just use the following command.

Enter into the password and if everything is ok, you can login to Firefly-PX3-SE and start your work.

Buildroot Ssh Root Login is the IP address of the device.

Of cause, you can also use other command such as scp.The use of SSH is the same as that on the Linux operating system.

Buildroot Ssh 2

How to configure SSH via Buildroot¶

SSH feature is optional in Buildroot. By default, the current firmware supports SSH feature.

  • In Buildroot, you can use makemenuconfig to add an OPENSSH package.

Buildroot Ssh-keygen

You can also modify the configuration file defconfig:configs/rockchip_px3se_defconfig as below

  • Configure the username and password for login. Buildroot build the root filesystem based on root privilege. You can login to the system via root directly by modify the configuration file defconfig:configs/rockchip_px3se_defconfig.

Buildroot Ssh Keys

Next, you can refer to Build root filesystem to build the SDK and then the generated firmware will support SSH feature automatically.