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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Following on from our webinar about organizing with Catalogs, it’s only natural to continue with Capture One’s unique and alternative method of organisation, Sessions.

Sessions are designed specifically for single work projects or ideal for a tethered shoot.

Capture One supports a range of Fujifilm Film Simulations like Fujifilm Provia and Fujifilm Velvia when working with Fujifilm RAF raw files. The different Film Simulations are available from the Curve drop-down menu in the Base Characteristics tool in the Color tool tab when working on an applicable Fujifilm RAF raw file. One-time payment to own your Capture One for Fujifilm 21. Plus save on a collection of instant looks. A Capture One Workflow for Fujifilm: 9: Back Button Focus and Focus Settings in General: 8: A decent baseline for Fujifilm video recording (for video beginners) 7: A rather cheap & light way to reach 600mm with a Fuji: 7: Re: Replicate X-Transformer sharpness and co in Capture One? 7: Fuji Jpeg Film Emulation Recipes: 6. Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 Perpetual license + 6 Style Packs – just $247.00 today. Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 Perpetual license + 3 Style Packs – just $178.00 today. Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 Perpetual license – just $109.00 today. Capture One Pro Fujifilm Subscription – just $8.00 Annual plan – Paid monthly. Download 30-day free.

Sessions, could indeed be perfect for your workflow, so don’t miss out and sign up today.

✓ What’s in a default Session?
✓ Adding additional folders to Session structures
✓ Organising with Smart Albums
✓ Smart exporting with Tokens

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This is my very first tutorial in this blog, because it’s one of the most asked in Raf (RAW) editing with Fujifilm mirrorless cameras aka X-Trans sensor based cameras.

Why I chose Capture One Pro (on PC)? Well I tried several other software like Lightroom and Photo Ninja and I have found that Capture One is the best for keeping details and sharpness with Fuji’s RAW format Raf, the thing you must understand is that the X-Trans sensors are using is not Bayer sensors which are largely used with other brands, Lightroom for instance will give you tremendous results with Nikon and Canon RAW photos because they mastered for years the Bayer technology, while with Raf it’s far from perfect.

Capture One Pro though is now considered as the best for ”translating” X-Trans information and so it’s the best under MS Windows to edit them and specially sharpness.

You still can use third party apps in LR to have good results like using Nik Software RAW sharpener, but still then it’s not as good as Capture One.

Ok now let’s focus on the tutorial itself.

In Capture One Pro click on the Details (magnifier icon) to open the Details tab which includes Sharpness values.

Ok now that we have access to Sharpening and Noise Reduction sections like that we can proceed with the new values

This are the values ”out of the box” for Raf taken with ISO 200, with higher ISOs it will decrease the Amount value.

You must apply sharpness Amount and Radius depending on the lens you have, for example with my XC 16-50 lens I go further in the values because the lens is less sharp (hardware wise) than my XF 23mm f2, so if your lens (XC lenses, XF 18-55, XF 18mm f2…) is known to be in the ”sharp nut not from the sharpest lenses” in Fujinon world you should apply my ”Turbo sharpness” settings, for known very sharp lenses (XF 23mm f1.4 and f2, XF 14mm, XF 16mm, XF 35mm f1.4 and f2, XF 16-50…)

Sharpening ”Turbo” settings: (only to use with not very sharp lenses or else you can end with over-sharpened results)

Amount: 165 to 175

Radius: 1.1 to 1.2

Threshold: 0.5

Sharpening settings:

Amount: 150 to 160

Radius: 1.0 to 1.1

Threshold: 0.5

Noise Reduction:

Luminance for ISO 200 to 640: 0 yes Zero

Luminance for ISO 800 to 1600: 25

Luminance for ISO 1600 to 6400: 50

The ”Before and After” section

Capture one pro 20 download

All these examples are 100% crops so you can evaluate sharpness on real scale.

With the Turbo settings applied on a ISO 200 photo taken with the XC 16-50 lens

XC 16-50 crop details with stock values in Capture One Pro

XC 16-50 crop details using my Turbo settings in Capture One

And now with the XF 23mm f2, you will notice that out of the box the photo is already sharper than the XC , so we used the normal sharpness value.

Before sharpness editing taken with the XF 23mm f2

Capture One Pro 20 Fujifilm Download

Last words:

Capture One Fujifilm 20 Vs Pro

I will post a tutorial about how to apply Clarity and Structure values on your photos and how it can affect the visual feeling of greater sharpness and details. Clarity in Capture One can reveal the hidden subtle details called ”micro-contrast” of your Fuji Raf photos, more present on Prime and expensive zoom lenses.