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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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Awesome news for students!
Capture One has announced Student license with a 65% discount for Capture One Pro subscription plans.

Hi Capture One Team, I'm trying to purchase the Student Perpetual License but I'm having some issues with my coupon code. Could I please have some assistance with this issue. Hello I'm a SHU student from Taipei, Taiwan, but I can't find my country in the verify website's choice. Is there any help from Capture One? Capture One 21 introduces a new type of camera profile (for select cameras including the Phase One IQ3 100 and IQ4 150 digital backs), ProStandard, that renders colors more naturally. Formerly, this kind of color control was only available in our Enterprise product for high-end studio users.

Capture one student discount
  1. Click on the B3K Student link; Click on Verify as student; Fill in the form and submit; Once student verification is complete, a coupon code is issued; Go to the B3k Capture One Store Portal; If the web store currency is listed as CAD – Canadian Dollar, you are in the correct portal.
  2. BW 400 III Silver I Erik Cheng. BW 200 III Soft I Karina Taranowicz. DK-2000 Frederiksberg.

Capture One Pro Student license pricing:

Capture One Student
  • Annual subscription paid monthly : EUR 8,40 / USD 7 / GBP 7
  • Annual prepaid subscription: EUR 77 / GBP 63 / USD 63

Capture One Student Discount Uk


Key features of Capture One Student license:

Capture one pro

Capture One Pro Student

  • Student offer is valid for annual subscription plans only.
  • To get the discount, you need to have a Sheer ID.
  • If you’re a customer but also a student, you can start a new subscription with a discount, and cancel your current one.
  • The offer is only valid for students. High school students are not eligible for this offer.