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Posted : admin On 1/30/2022
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During the course of March, Google had pushed its really buggy Android System WebView update which caused a massive slur of WebView crashing apps and Android apps crash. The messy issue was quite widespread and was talked around Reddit and Twitter with a lot of individuals reporting the messy problem.


Google Chrome Play Store Resolution

Google, however, was able to roll out a new update in order to fix the Android System Webview as well as Google Chrome through the Play Store in order to resolve the issue. According to the story by XDA-developers, the problem was resolved and the company has now started sharing some insight regarding what actually caused the issue in the first place and how it actually plans to make more improvements in order to prevent any possible future mishaps.


Open the Chrome Web Store. Find and select the extension you want. Click Add to Chrome. Some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions or data. To approve, click Add extension.

As seen on the recent update coming from the official Google Workspace team, this particular issue was actually a result of a certain bug within Chrome as well as the WebView's experiment and the configuration technology. The faulty update had affected a lot of different Android apps which would include Gmail and Amazon, that even incorporated WebView in order to show certain web content.

Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome Themes

Google Android Help Center

In order to fix the particular issue, Google had distributed some updated binaries for Chrome as well as WebView through Google Play. The company has also reportedly published another detailed post on the official Android Help Center community forum that aims to help the users that have suffered from this update.

As of the moment, in order to prevent other similar things mishappening in the future, Google now plans to improve its total change management as well as rollout policies to the particular WebView system component and its own dependencies.

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Google Webview Update

In order for Google to fix the update they are going to follow these steps:

1. Officially audit WebView as well as its own related dependencies for certain production readiness.

Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome Extension

2. Implement an official WebView 'Safe Mode' which could be able to handle the whole configuration error and simply refer to the better state.

3. Improve the whole experiment testability and the whole roll-out process.

4. Accelerate the official update mechanisms for WebView and Chrome through Google Play Store.

5. Communicate clearly throughout the whole incident with its users.

6. Provide proper commentary with its partners on the whole impact and resolution of the issue.

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For those that are still experiencing random app crashes on their Android devices, it is most likely that the device has not yet installed the most recent Chrome and Android System WebView updates. The first thing that users should do is to download the update and allow it to run through their devices. Once the update is finished, the problem should be fixed. If things remain buggy and messy, it might be time to contact Google customer support to ask for help.

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