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Microsoft partners with selected Session Border Controllers (SBC) vendors to certify that their SBCs work with Direct Routing.

Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing. Web conferencing, online meeting, cloud calling and equipment. Install Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco Webex Teams on any device of your choice. Get step-by-step instructions for scheduling your own Webex meetings, real-time group messaging,. The integration with MS Teams via the interop connector or WebRTC is on the roadmap and not released yet. However, you can try creating a weblink on the board to You can get some basic functionality, but not a full integration just yet. Once installed, here’s how you can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from Cisco devices: Using the Cisco DX80 with Microsoft Teams. To use Microsoft Teams on Cisco room kit like the DX80, follow these instructions: Dial the SIP address provided in the Join with a video conferencing device section of the Teams.

Microsoft works with each vendor to:

  • Jointly work on the SIP interconnection protocols.

  • Perform intense tests using a third-party lab. Only devices that pass the tests are certified.

  • Run daily tests with all certified devices in production and pre-production environments. Validating the devices in pre-production environments guarantees that new versions of Direct Routing code in the cloud will work with certified SBCs.

  • Establish a joint support process with the SBC vendors.


    Microsoft only supports Phone System if a certified device or devices are connected through Direct Routing. Microsoft reserves the right to reject support cases where a non-certified device is connected to the Phone System through Direct Routing. If Microsoft determines that a customer’s Direct Routing issue is with a vendor’s SBC device, the customer will need to engage the SBC vendor for support.

The table below lists devices certified for Direct Routing. (For information about which SBC vendors support Local Media Optimization, see Configure Local Media Optimization for Direct Routing.)

Learn more about Direct Routing.If you have any questions about the SBC certification program for Direct Routing, please contact [email protected]

VendorProductNon-media bypassMedia bypassSoftware versionValidated with E911 providersELIN capable
AudioCodesMediant 500 SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Mediant 800 SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Mediant 2600 SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Mediant 4000 SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Mediant 1000B SBCPendingSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Mediant 9000 SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Virtual Edition SBCSupported 7.20A.250 (Recommended 7.20A.258)
Ribbon CommunicationsSBC 5100/5110Supported 8.2 and 7.2 (Recommended 9.2)
SBC 5200/5210Supported 8.2 and 7.2 (Recommended 9.2)
SBC 5400Supported 8.2 and 7.2 (Recommended 9.2)
SBC 7000Supported 8.2 and 7.2 (Recommended 9.2)
SBC SWeSupported 8.2 and 7.2 (Recommended 9.2)
SBC 10008.x or 9.x
SBC 20008.x or 9.x
SBC SWe Lite8.x or 9.x
EdgeMarc Series15.6.1
ThinktelThink 365 SBC1.4
OracleAP 11008.
AP 39008.
AP 46008.
AP 63008.
AP 63508.
TE-SYSTEMSanynodeSupported 3.20 (Recommended 4.0)
MetaswitchPerimeta SBC4.7
CiscoCisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for 1000 Series Integrated Services RoutersSupported IOS XE Amsterdam 17.2.1r (Recommended 17.3.2)
Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for 4000 Series Integrated Services RoutersSupported IOS XE Amsterdam 17.2.1r (Recommended 17.3.2)
Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for 1000V Series Cloud Services RouterSupported IOS XE Amsterdam 17.2.1r (Recommended 17.3.2)
Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for 1000 Series Aggregation Services RoutersSupported IOS XE Amsterdam 17.2.1r (Recommended 17.3.2)
Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for Catalyst 8000 Edge PlatformsIOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.2
AvayaAvaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise ( ASBCE)Release 8.1.1 (8.1.2 for Media Bypass)
NokiaNokia Session Border Controller19.5 (1908)
Nokia Session Border Controller20.8
ItaltelNetMatch-S CISupported 5.0 (Recommended 5.1)
EricssonvSBC 2.16
CataleyaOrchid Link3.1
AtosAtos Unify OpenScape Session Border ControllerV10R1.2
Sansay Inc.vmVSXi10.5.1.354-vm-S-x64
Enghouse NetworksDialogic BorderNet SBC3.9.0-786
Patton Electronics Co.Patton SmartNode eSBC3.19.x

Microsoft Teams Microsoft partners with selected Session Border Controllers (SBC) vendors to certify that their SBCs work with Direct Routing. Microsoft works with each vendor to: Jointly work on the SIP interconnection protocols. Message in Cisco Webex Teams group and 1:1 spaces directly from your Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file. The Cisco Webex Teams add-in allows you to create a group space or join your existing spaces. The Webex Teams add-in also provides an easy way to link a relevant space to a document.

The following table lists devices that are verified for interoperability between Direct Routing and Analog Devices.
RibbonSBC 1000. Software version: 8.1.1 (build 527)
RibbonSBC 2000. Software version: 8.1.1 (build 527)
OracleAP1100 Software Version
OracleAP3900 Software Version
OracleAP4600 Software Version
OracleAP6300 Software Version
OracleAP6350 Software Version
OracleVME Software Version
TE-SYSTEMSanynode with Grandstream GXW42xx (V1.0.7.10)
CiscoATA 191 Multiplatform Analog Telephone Adapter

Cisco Teams Microsoft Teams

To give us product feedback about Teams, such as ideas for new features, see Uservoice.


Microsoft will be moving from UserVoice to our own customer feedback solution on a product-by-product basis during 2021. Learn more.

Note the certification granted to a major version. That means that firmware with any number in the SBC firmware following the major version is supported.

Cisco Teams Microsoft

Strategic Alliances and Integrations Enable Comprehensive Calling, Meetings, and Messaging Capabilities

In my role as a product manager here at Cisco, I regularly talk to customers about their collaboration environments. One question I get asked is what they can do to bring together collaboration tools from different vendors…

The Webex unified app is providing our customers with comprehensive calling, meetings, and messaging capabilities that integrate with our award-winning video devices and IP phones. The result is seamless and consistent workflows.

But we are also aware that many customers have existing investments in place with collaboration tools from other vendors, and we are committed to making sure that Webex is an open platform, that integrates with 3rd party applications to ensure our mutual customers have a solution that delivers the best possible outcomes.

Earlier this year one of my colleagues talked about how we are enabling organizations with Microsoft Teams and Slack messaging users to start Webex Meetings from these applications.

Now, new Cisco calling integrations allow you to use all your enterprise-grade voice and video calling features in combination with these messaging platforms.

Cisco Calling Integrations

Calling integrations allow you to expose Cisco calling buttons directly in other vendors messaging apps. We’ve built the Cisco calling integrations to provide you with flexible solutions plus we’ve made them very easy to deploy. We started with Microsoft Teams and Slack messaging apps. To deploy a Cisco calling integration you simply select the Cisco client you are using for calling and the calling platform you want to use.

When you have added the Cisco calling integration, you can launch a Webex Teams or Cisco Jabber call directly from your messaging app. When you click the call button, the integrations identify who you’re chatting with, resolves their calling address, and passes this information to your installed Cisco client which starts a Cisco voice or video call. The integrations support all Cisco calling platforms including Cisco Unified Communication Manager (UCM) based on-premises and hosted deployments, and Webex Calling for cloud.

There are no complex back end changes to make as these are client integrations. There are no call routing policies or dial plan changes to make, no additional licenses required, and no new hardware to manage. You can even use the calling integrations with desk phone control, which means your users don’t have to replace their handsets.

Cisco Calling from Slack

Slack has made its messaging platform very open to integrating calling providers like Cisco. Adding the Cisco calling integration to Slack means you use the native Slack call button to start a Cisco call directly from Slack.

This could be using Webex Teams or Cisco Jabber as your softphone or controlling your desk phone. If your Cisco client is controlling your Cisco desk phone clicking the call button in Slack causes your Cisco desk phone to go off-hook and call your colleague.

Slack is popular with developers where users tend to like keyboard commands to take actions like making calls. Talking to Slack users it becomes clear this is a requirement for Slack users so we implement “/jabber” and “/webexteams” slash command allowing you to make calls at the command line.

We are continuing to work in partnership with Slack and plan to implement Slack’s new shortcut controls shortly. This will give you more calling destination selectable directly in Slack.

Cisco Calling from Microsoft Teams

The Cisco calling integration for Microsoft Teams has been available from the Microsoft Teams app store for just over a month now. This month we have extended it with new features and functionality. In addition to supporting Microsoft Teams desktop and web users, this month we added support for mobile and tablet devices. We also added new contact search capabilities, you can now search your Microsoft 365 Outlook contacts and call them using your Cisco calling platform via the integration.

Building Bridges with Webex

These two new calling integrations are just examples of the many integrations that the Webex platform supports, enabling people to enhance their communication and collaboration within their everyday workflows. For example, we’ve also worked with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions into Webex team messaging services to streamline collaboration on documents.

Cisco Microsoft Teams Interop

What Next…

If you’re interested in learning more about Cisco calling integration contact your Cisco account team to discuss how to build on your current Cisco UC investments with Webex to enhance the collaboration experience for your users and/or integrate with 3rd party collaboration tools.

Cisco Microsoft Teams Connector

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