Cisco Webex Skype For Business

Posted : admin On 1/30/2022
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Cisco Webex Skype For Business

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I am using the “Webex productivity tools” at work to quickly schedule and start meetings from within Outlook. It really is a very useful piece of software for those of us that do quite a few Webex conferences each week. However, it came with one annoying side effect: little webex tabs started to appear on select application windows. In particular, on top of Skype windows.

Cisco Webex Skype For BusinessSkype

The tab looks like this:

And I find it very annoying as it breaks with the style of Windows and just adds superfluous and useless GUI chrome.

However, I finally figured out how to get rid of it. You have to start the “Webex Settings” program, found in the start menu by searching for it:

Cisco Webex Skype For BusinessCisco Webex Skype For Business

Once the settings program is up, go to the “Tools” tab (where it will for some unknown reason communicate with the server), and unselect the checkbox for integration with instant messaging programs. There are also some other checkboxes that might best be unchecked. I do not understand what the point is of having a webex instant message start in my web browser, and even less than that in Microsoft Office.

Cisco Webex Skype For Business App

Once this is done, no more annoying webex tab. With some luck, this setting is now associated with my online Webex account, so that it will be retained if I install the tools on some other computer in the future.