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A copay, short for copayment, is a fixed amount a healthcare beneficiary pays for covered medical services. The remaining balance is covered by the person's insurance company. What does copay mean? (noun) Each plan will tell you what type it is (network, PPO, etc.), the deductible, coinsurance, copay and an estimate of your premium cost. The annual copayment maximum is a fixed limit or cap to your total out-of-pocket expense for most covered services in a calendar year or plan year. Most HMSA plans have a specific annual copayment maximum to limit your payments for medical care in a given year. Definition of co-payment: a relatively small fixed fee that a health insurer (such as an HMO) requires the patient to pay upon incurring a medical expense (as for a routine office visit, surgical procedure, or prescription drug) covered by the health insurer First Known Use of co-payment 1966, in the meaning defined above.

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A specified sum of money that patients covered by a health insurance plan pay for a given type of service, usually at the time the service is rendered.
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Help with insurance copays (kəʊˈpeɪmənt) n
a fee paid by a subscriber to a service for the use of additional services not covered by the subscription
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, copay

Copay Meaning Medical

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Copay Meaning In Health Insurance

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Copay Meaning In English

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