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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

New Year, New Drinks! Crystal Cruises’ mixologists have carefully crafted an array of cocktails to welcome their customers into 2020.

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The Crystal Insider introduces the barkeepers as well as the ships they can be found on, their latest concoctions and the ingredients used to make them.


Some of the newest cocktails that can be sampled throughout the cruise line’s fleet include:

Karma Chameleon

Washington Cinnamon Apple Martini Crown Royal

Mezcal Negroni


After 8

Ravel Infusion

No Sin Gin

Seedlip Garden

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Crystal Cruises would like to thank its mixologists for the work they put into making the customers happy, and the cruise line welcomes customers to celebrate 2020 aboard one of its many ships, whether it be one of the ocean liners, river cruise ships, yachts or an expedition ship.

To see a more detailed list of Crystal’s newest drink selection, click here.

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Dry Martini

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