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Embed a Deezer player in your website to share your favorite music

Create your widget

1. Pick the Deezer music you want to play in your website:

  • Mix:

2. Choose your options:

The Artist Edition section of Deezer Backstage also lets you add and update an artist biography in multiple languages including English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German and more. Your bio will display in each language depending on who is viewing it, so it might be worth getting it translated if you’re targeting fans in a certain country. Deezer (stylized as deezer) is a French online music streaming service.It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group (owned by Deezer's parent company Access Industries) as well as podcasts on various devices online or offline.

  1. Using data analysis and metadata curation, Deezer Backstage assists in optimizing your content to boost your stream count. Give your audience exactly what they’re looking for, every time. Curate your artist profiles. We even offer a complete space for you to update all your latest artist credentials.
  2. Artist Push, as a promo service, works closely with Deezer to create the best possible strategies for any step you take in the music career. Signing up for our promo packages, specially developed for the curated playlist, artists can choose the number of songs they want to promote and the amount of playlist for placement of their creation.

Deezer 4 Artists offers: Artist pages, where you can customise your images, update your status or upload a playlist of what you’re listening to; Deezer Uploader, which pushes your audio content out to the fans that follow you, from track previews to exclusive mixes!

  • If you need some reporting & tracking, create a new application to have a complete resume of your audience.
    Width px

    The widget is responsive, these values will be updated according to the size of the container


3. Get the code:

Copy and paste this code on your website


30 seconds or Full tracks: what are the rules?

You can refer to our content access rules below. Users have be to logged in with Deezer to benefit from music on demand.

Desktop DeviceUnlogged usersFreemium usersPremium users
MixesFull Track / unlimitedFull Track / unlimitedFull Track / unlimited
Music on Demand30s. extractFull Track / AdsFull Track / Unlimited
Mobile DeviceUnlogged usersFreemium usersPremium users
Mixes30s. extract30s. extract30s. extract
Music on Demand30s. extract30s. extract30s. extract

Due to legal restrictions on mobile, only 30 seconds previews can be provided.

What’s the difference between a playlist and a mix ?

Playlists and mixes are both sets of tracks you can listen to thanks to the Deezer player. Mixes have to comply with DMCA rules:

  • 6 track skips per hour (skips = pressing the next button to change the current track),
  • no interaction = no change in the track order,
  • limited number of tracks from a same artist, etc.
Artist As in real life, you don’t choose what’s on a mix at a specific time.
On the contrary, you can listen to the tracks you want with a playlist, in the order you like.
However, since rights management rules do not apply the same way on playlists and Mixes, users have to be logged in as Deezer Premium users to be able to listen to full-tracks in a playlist. If not, they’ll be limited to 30 seconds previews.

Is there a way to provide full-track access to my playlist without prompting users to log in?

Deezer artist support

Deezer Artist Payout

No. The only way to have full-track access for anyone is to use a radio.

To create a playlist, you can:

  • use the Deezer API. With the API, you can programmatically create, update (or rename), reorder, add/remove tracks to a playlist (
  • do it manually on

What are the different layout types?

The widget is responsive, it adapts to the container it belongs to. Depending on the space available, there are three options:
LayoutDefault SizesDimensionsSettings
squaresmall80 pixelsNo waveform, no playlist available
mediumfrom 200 pixels to 400 pixelsNo waveform
bigfrom 400 pixels to the size of the container
classicsmallfrom 200 pixels to 350 pixelsNo waveform
mediumfrom 350 pixels to the size of the container

Deezer Artist Search


In addition to the settings above, you can also change the following:
playlistDisplays the playlist or not. Can be either 'true' or 'false'.false
widthThe width of the widget600
heightThe height of the widget200
autoplayPlays automatically the music after loading. Can be either 'true' or 'false'.false
typeThe type of music you want to play. Can be 'playlist', 'album', 'tracks', 'charts or 'favorites'.playlist
formatThe layout format of the widget. Can be either 'square' or 'classic'.classic
sizeThe layout size of the widget. Can be 'small', 'medium' or 'big' according to the format and the size.medium
layoutThe general layout of the widget. Can be either 'light' or 'dark'.light
app_idYour app ID if you want some reporting & tracking1
colorThe general color of the widget. Has to be a hexadecimal value without the #EF5466
emptyPlayerDisplays or not the widget. Can be either 'true' or 'false'.false

21-01-2019 / by MusicDigi

How to customise your Deezer artist page and view performance analytics.

Deezer Artist Url

Deezer has unveiled its own new artist platform called Deezer Backstage, and it’s a must for any artist looking to grow their audience. With Deezer’s 14 million users across 180 countries, Deezer Backstage is worth investing a few minutes in if you’re an artist. If you’re wondering what it is, how to use it, and if it’s worthwhile, we’ve got the answers for you - so let’s get

Access and update your Deezer Backstage profile

You can take control of your Deezer artist page, customise it, view performance insights and more. Deezer Backstage gives you the option to update your biography, social media links, touring info, your playlists, and of course, your image. You can also check your stats on streams, how many people are listening, and what playlists your music is on.
To get started, you’ll need to request access to Deezer Backstage after you get your music on Deezer through a distributor like MusicDigi. It will take you to the form, where you’ll answer a few questions to set up your account.
You’ll then need to enter the following information:
→ Your artist name
→ Your email address
→ One of your UPC codes (You get these each time you distribute a release)
→ Your label if you have one
→ Your distributor’s name
→ Your distributor email

Artist pages

Here are the requirements for updating your Deezer artist profile page:
1 squared artist profile image 500x500 in jpeg or png
1 banner image 1800x230 in jpeg or png.
Artist biography in 100-200 words that explains what your music is all about.
Facebook, Twitter and Official Website links

How to get your music on Deezer

Well that’s easy, When you release a track through MusicDigi, you can actually select the option to get your music on Deezer, as well as release music to major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. That means it’ll be availble on Deezer, and other streaming services for fans to share, and play your music.
So if you’re not already releasing music through MusicDigi, you can, Sign up here and get started today.

MusicDigi lets you easily distribute your music to all the major music stores and streaming platforms, Including Spotify, Apple Music and TikTok.