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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Deezer, the French music streaming service that is quite popular in urban Kenya has slashed its prices, which is good news for its subscribers

“Good news for our Deezer users in Kenya, we’ve reduced the prices of our plans!,” the notice said. The change is for the Deezer Premium plan where they will now charge $2.99 instead of the usual $4.99 they charged earlier. The company says that you’ll see this new pricing automatically applied to your next bill if you are a Premium subscriber.

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This change effectively makes Deezer competitive with Apple Music, which has been the cheapest international music streaming service. Apple music charges $2.99 for an individual account which is on par with Deezer Premium’s offering. However, Apple Music still has the absolute cheapest streaming price in Kenya if you consider the student’s discount where they charge $1.49 a month for university students only if you provide verification.

They also has an annual plan akin to what Apple Music offers where you pay $29.90 a year instead of the $59.88 previously, which mirrors what Apple Music did a few months ago. They also still has their Family plan for $4.49 and Deezer HiFi which features 16 bit FLAC quality tracks for $4.49 a month.

It is nice to see streaming sites slashing prices for this market that has a lower spending threshold compared to richer countries. We are yet to get Spotify and Tidal in Kenya locally and if they do, they’ll have to match or go lower than Apple Music and Deezer to compete.

I'm running testing.

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It turns out I have no sound in Deezer. Whenever I play a track, it downloads for a few seconds without any sound, before shifting to the next track not having played anything. The controls seem to work, I can pause, stop and so on...
Sound works fine on my system, including when playing flash videos on Youtube, Daylimotion and a few others...
I've just tried another streaming site,, and it worked.
I don't think it's related, but I'll mention just in case that I have Pulseaudio installed, and I run it from a system start (for the reason that I use this desktop as a sound server; Pulseaudio is redirects sound towards the laptop in my bedroom when I'm doing XDMCP from one to the other).
Where should I look to fix this?Deezer forums download

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Any ideas anyone?

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Thanks by advance