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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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Hi Plex community,
I’m Thomas, CoFounder of, a useful online service which help users to transfer playlists and favorites between music services (Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL,, Deezer and many others). Since the integration of TIDAL in Plex, we got more and more Plex customers using our service and think about how we can do a Plex integration.

I spent the last month creating an app to sync music playlists between Plex, Spotify, Deezer, local music and more! Here is the trailer, more info in comments. Share your music tastes across the web. We provide a generator to easily build the few necessary HTML lines to create your player. You will be able to choose the music to play and to customize the widget look and feel.

About Plex in Soundiiz
Once you have connected Plex to Soundiiz (by using credentials), we are able to retrieve some data and do multiple things:

Deezer planos
  • List item Retrieve your playlists (including Plex playlists with TIDAL tracks)
  • List item Creating/Updating/Deleting playlists Plex directly from Soundiiz
  • List item Add/Delete playlists tracks

And of course, Soundiiz feature wich can be used for Plex !

  • List item Export playlist tracklists as CSV, Txt…
  • List item Import playlists from music services to Plex (by doing a matching system with your Plex audio files)
  • List item Export Plex playlists to music services (by doing a matching system with metadatas of your audio files)
  • List item And many other things !

About devs Plex/Soundiiz
The integration is very new and for sure, lot of bugs could be there. Also, we have created the minimal integration here with this playlist manager/importer/exporter.
All feedback will be very important for us ! And that’s why we made this topic here, we would like to get a maximum of ideas/suggestions to improve Plex integration on Soundiiz !


Deezer Player

Thank you for reading me.