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Depending on how the Deezer system and licensing arrangements work, having multiple collections might offer programmers and users with large collections a workaround for the 1,000 album limit. And importantly, the option of multiple album collections could be a differentiating feature for Deezer in an increasingly competitive market. Deezer E-Liquids are made by the Deezer hookah company. Deezer E-Juice is known for their strong flavor. Deezer Liquid Hookah is available in 12ml bottles and in 0.6% or 1.2% nicotine strengths. Deezer is pretty good for single people that want to listen to Hi-Res music without the need for an MQA decoding DAC. The Hi-Res aspect gives Deezer an edge over Spotify, especially for those who are solely interested in the music.

Which music streaming service has the best audio quality? Deezer is of course one of them . Besides it, Is there any other music streaming service like Deezer? The following guide will solve all your such puzzles , just join to find your favorite music streaming service !

Part 1. Advantages and Disadvantages about Deezer

Deezer is an internet based streaming provided with over 40 million licensed songs from different labels. Emerged out of France, Deezer has over 16 million active members out of which 6 million possess paid membership. It additionally provides service for both Android and iOS operating system, which makes it further reachable to millions of users across the globe. Deezer currently has its operation in 182 countries.

  • The 40+ million collections has diversified songs with artists from different corners of the world
  • The Elite version is a great boon for people in possession with Sonos
  • The “Flow” feature is an added attraction, which is souped up version of Pandora


  • Being a standalone application makes it unwieldy
  • The curated content is not as expected
  • It still requires features that make it social like Spotify

Part 2. Top 15 Music Streaming Services like Deezer

Spotify is an online streaming service similar to Deezer. Users can download it for their smartphone through Google Play Store or Apple Store. The app allows unlimited listening and is the best alternative for those who prefer online streaming.


  • New look
  • Excellent collection
  • New features


  • Web player needs thorough revision
  • Poor search

SoundCloud allows a user to listen to their favorite song from anywhere and anytime without paying a dime. It further allows the listener to discover new songs, trending charts, upcoming artists, and other collection.


  • Allows uploading of music
  • Share music and messages privately with friends or family
  • No limitation to file sizes


  • Although you can record a song, you cannot edit it
  • The premium version is expensive in comparison to other services

Shazam is an alternative to Deezer, where users can choose either the paid or free version. The application is accessible for both Android and iOS platforms. It is possible for listeners to acquire in-depth knowledge about a song.


  • Excellent interface
  • Identifying a song is simple and quick
  • Additional features include LiveLyrics


  • It cannot identify songs sung by individuals
  • It fails to provide links or resources to designated song

The Play Music offered by Google is a good alternative to Deezer. It has over 35 million songs, and people can listen to it from anywhere and from any device. Users can download and listen to songs when not connected to the Internet.


  • Simple Setup
  • Large online library
  • It has good taste prediction


  • Does not support iOS
  • Radio channels run out of songs

SongFlip is an alternative to Deezer. Users can search from 10 million songs and listen to them without paying a dime. It even allows the user to listen to music according to the country.


  • Listen to songs from across the globe
  • Stores songs
  • Listen offline


  • Crashes while used for prolonged period
  • Improper search algorithm

The application has over 35 million songs and allows the user to enjoy unlimited access to the database. Users can create a personalized station and search for songs, albums, and playlists. It also offers paid version for US$12.99.


  • Large library of songs
  • Option to listen to music offline
  • Excellent support for mobile music


  • Limited access in free account
  • Lacks advanced search features

Songza is a popular streaming music service that allows the user to enjoy free and unlimited music. It allows a user to save favorite songs and share them on social websites.


  • High-quality audio
  • Various themed lists
  • Enhanced recommendation engine


  • Cannot open individual albums
  • Lacks feature of live lyrics

#8: Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio allows a user to listen to millions of songs on their device. It allows finding favorite music by using the name of the artist, composer, or genre. It also allows the listener to create a personalized station and share the same.


  • Premium members gain access to unreleased music
  • Good song recommendation engine


  • The premium account does not provide unlimited skips
  • Absence of on-demand streaming

Beats Music is another streaming application that allows the listener to start playing music for free. Those who wish to download songs to their device will have to purchase the premium version.


  • Excellent Interface
  • Learns musical tastes
  • Intelligent recommendation engine


  • Offline mode is complicated

Rhapsody provides unlimited high-quality music. Although it is an online radio station, it provides everything that the music lover would wish from a streaming service. The application streams newly released songs on every Tuesday without ads.

  • Easy to use interface
  • High-quality songs
  • Unlimited listening


  • Not all the songs are playable
  • Many downloaded songs have DRM protection

The site provides unlimited streaming answers to several collections present within the database and explores a vast catalog of music from different parts of the world.


  • Good collection
  • Easy searching and


  • Requires fan account to add items to collection

8Tracks is another social networking and web-based radio station that revolves around the concept of streaming user-curated playlists. Users create free accounts and can share their playlist when the have at least eight songs in them.


  • Unique concept
  • Good collection of playlists


  • Difficult for those who need quick access to songs

Jamendo is an alternative to Deezer. It is currently the largest digital service provider with free streaming. Artists can share their music and even add songs to a playlist.


  • Simple outlook
  • Good collection of songs


  • Many may feel troublesome while downloading
  • Requires new features

Tunein is a streaming service provider, which is an alternative to Deezer. With over 100,000 radio stations, it offers the best and extensive song list. It is further available for both Android and iOS.


  • Extensive collection
  • Simple interface


  • Bugs affect listening experience is online community streaming service. It is proper for those who wish to maintain their listening habits and promote their favorite songs.


  • Stores listening habits
  • Provides streaming content using Ogg container


  • Enabling support requires Audioscrobbler API

Part 2. Best Way to Download Music from Deezer

With the simplistic approach and options provided by iMusic, music lovers now have an opportunity to download their favorite music from any website in a few simple steps. They can even record an online streaming audio! iMusic is a single solution for all music management and download requirements. The important features are:

iMusic - Download Music from Deezer with One Click

  • Built-in music library to download songs
  • Simple procedure to download audio from over 3,000+ websites
  • Record streaming audio
  • Transfer files between computer and iOS/Android devices, and between iOS and Android phones
  • Fix library for lost information
  • Powerful toolbox with additional options to gain enhanced control over managing music on a device/computer

Steps to Download Music from Deezer by iMusic

Step 1: Set up and run iMusic

Download and install iMusic on your computer. It works very well on both Windows PC and Mac. After then, launch it and click the tab 'GET MUSIC'. From there, you could see the 'Record 'button, just click it .

Step 2: Find your wanted Deezer music and play it

Now go to Deezer website, choose one of your favorite songs, then play it .

Step 3: Start the record process

After playing the Deezer songs, the 'Record” button will detect the playing songs and begin to record it with original quality.

Step 4: Find Recorded Deezer songs in iTunes library

Once finish recording the Deezer songs, you could go to the iTunes library to find the songs you just recorded from Deezer.

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