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Posted : admin On 1/28/2022

September 29th, 2014 – Dublin – UPC Ireland and Deezer, the leading digital streaming music service today announced an exciting new partnership which will see the popular music app available in Ireland for the first time on UPC’s Horizon TV service. The Deezer App features over 35 million tracks, UPC Horizon customers will now be able to access a wide range of music services including on.

  1. Deezer Upload
  2. Deezer Ucps
  • Deezer in your browser. Open your browser, go to, press play and turn up the volume. Enjoying great music on your computer has never been easier. Make your music more at home with our new desktop app. Download your tracks to listen offline and watch hours of video content like Deezer Sessions and interviews.
  • Sign up for Deezer for free and listen to UPC: discography, top tracks and playlists.

We’ve previously helped you with improving your Deezer artist page and hopefully bring attention to it. This time we’re back to talk about Deezer Backstage, the new platform for artists and managers.

After Spotify and Apple Music, it’s Deezer’s turn to unveil their platform for artists. You’re probably wondering how to create your Deezer Backstage account, how to use it and why? We’re going to answer these questions now… Let’s dive right in.

How do I sign up?

To create your account, you’ll need to request access by going to the website and clicking the dedicated button. After that, you can select your role.

As an artist, you’ll have to fill in:

  • Your artist name
  • Your email address
  • One of your UPC codes (that you first get when you create a release)
  • Your label if you have one
  • Your distributor aka Spinnup
  • Your distributor email ([email protected])

You can then add your socials if you like.

If you’re a manager, you’ll only be asked for your name, the artists you manage, your email et the distributor’s email.

When you’re granted access, Deezer will contact you to let you know and you’ll be able to use Deezer Backstage.

What is Deezer Backstage for?

Even though it’s a very recent addition to Deezer, it’s a useful tool for any artist or manager who wants to check their stats or edit their artist profile. It used to be such a hassle to get your artist profile looking great before Deezer Backstage. Changes had to be made by the Deezer support team directly. Things are way easier now and we’re not complaining!

What can I edit on my profile?

  • Your profile picture
  • Your bio
  • Social media links
  • Your touring info
  • Playlists you’ve created

Everything you need to know about the changes you can make to your profile is right over here! It’s all available in Deezer Backstage and very simple to do. Don’t hesitate to show your personality and make your page appealing. You can now add statuses to your artist page to keep your fans posted with any news and engage with them more.


Check your stats

Deezer Upload

Deezer Backstage allows you to better understand your audience by giving you access to stats on your streams, the number of people who listen to your music and about the playlists your tracks feature in. These stats will help you understand through which playlists you get the most streams, what track is doing better and when.

Don’t forget that you get plenty of detailed stats on your socials and streaming services in your Spinnup account! These stats make it easy to compare and see what you have to work on.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new platform. Since it’s fairly new, it’s probably going to evolve with new exciting features, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Deezer Ucps

We hope you’ll enjoy Deezer Backstage as it’s very handy tool just like Spotify forArtists and Apple Music for Artists. And even if Deezer counts less users as these two it’s still available in 180 countries and counts more than 14 million users. So totally worth investing a bit of your time into Deezer Backstage!