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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
  • How to use Disk Drill to protect Mac disks and recover files. We'll show you how you can restore damaged or corrupted files, replace unintentionally deleted files, manage data backups, help you eliminate unnecessary files, and provide data protection for important documents with the Disk Drill app.
  • Disk Drill makes data recovery in Mac OS X super easy. With just one click of a button, it will run through all of its scanning functions and display a list of files that can be potentially recovered. You can even preview these files so that you can determine which ones can be successfully recovered.

Accidentally deleted your files? Emptied your recycle bin? Want to recover your important lost files? Well, worry not, we have a perfect solution for the said things.

Data loss is really a painful thing. Sometimes you can accidentally delete your important files and realize it later. The situation becomes even worse when you also empty your recycle bin before realizing that your important files were there. Well, there can be many different reasons for data loss like malware, corrupted pen drive/hard drive, hard drive failure, etc. but when we lose our precious data we start looking for a data recovery solution, impatiently.

You don’t need to panic as your deleted files do not get actually washed out of your system, which means they are still present and you can get them back before your system overwrites those files. But for doing that, you need to have a powerful data recovery software. Luckily, I have a tried an amazing software named Disk Drill which is a recycle bin recovery software and here is everything you need to know about this software.

DiskDrill Features

Disk Drill uses an advanced algorithm to find, recover and get back your lost and deleted data. It allows you to even recover emptied trash Mac with a very high success rate. Disk Drill Features. Beginners can quickly get back their files in just a few minutes. Recover Any File.

Disk Drill is an incredible software which lets you recover your lost files or restore your recycle bin. It is a feature-rich application which comes with a variety of efficient features. One of the best things about DiskDrill is that it is quite easy-to-use. Its user-friendly interface helps you to perform the recovery without any hassle. The clean, simple and interactive interface of DiskDrill makes it easier to get your lost files back without going through complicated processes. We will cover the features of this software and know how efficient it really is.

Recover All Types Of Files

Yes, you can recover any kind of file using Disk Drill. Whether it is a photo, video, word document, excel sheet, PPT, etc. recover them all without any problem. Also, it categorizes all your recoverable data into these file types so that you can easily choose what type of file you need to recover.

Quick Scan

Disk Drill Recover Trash Files

If you only want to recover the recently lost files then the quick scan feature of Disk Drill helps you to do that. It quickly scans those recently deleted files and displays the list in front of you.

Deep Scan

If you can’t find some of your files after the quick scan process then you can take help of the deep scan feature of DiskDrill. Deep scan performs a deeper search into files and finds all the files which couldn’t be scanned using the quick scan. As you can see that, when I Quick scanned my C:/ drive then it didn’t scan a single recoverable file but in the deep scan, it scanned 60 GB data that is a huge differencẹ. Though deep scan takes a little longer but its totally worth the time.

File Preview

Yet another important feature of Disk Drill. It lets you preview a file before recovering it so that you don’t recover the unnecessary files. Unfortunately, you can only preview the image files only.

Future Protection

This unique feature of Disk Drill lets you protect some files which you don’t want to lose ever. Even if that files get deleted, there will be always their backup in Disk drill which you could restore at the time of need. To do this, simply go to Disk Drill, click Protect button available beside the drive name, turn on the Future Protection option and select the folders that you want to protect.

Disk drill supports a very easy way to recover your lost files. Easily perform recycle bin recovery on Windows 10 with the help of Disk Drill. It doesn’t take long to get your deleted files back to you. Simply follow the below steps to restore files from recycle bin with Disk Drill.

But before you go any further, here is an important thing to keep in mind. To ensure higher chances of recovering all your deleted files, it is wiser to remove the hard drive form your computer as soon as your files got deleted. The reason is that when the files are deleted in Windows, after some time it overwrites the deleted files. So, before it overwrites your file you need to remove the hard drive from your computer and keep it safe as it would become difficult to recover those files after they are overwritten. So, the first thing you need to do is to don’t let your files over-written. And then follow the below steps.

I. Download & Install Disk Drill

First of all, download Disk Drill on your system and install it. You can find and download Disk Drill from its official website. There is a free version available which lets you recover 100 MB of data. For testing out the features of Disk Drill, you can use this free version and if you like it and want to recover more files then you can get its PRO version.


II. Perform A Scan

Once you are done installing Disk Drill on your system, just launch it. It will scan and display all the drives available on your system. From the list of the drives available, you need to select the one from which you need to recover the deleted files and then scan that drive.

Disk drill offers two types of scans, quick scan and the deep scan. Quick scan quickly scans your files which were lost recently and provides them to you but if you want to dig deeper and want to recover pesky little files which were not recovered in the quick scan then go for the deep scan.

III. Preview And Select The desired Files

After the scanning process, you get a list of all the possible files which can be recovered. You can also sort the files according to their type, size or date. Like, if you only want to recover the photos only, then select the photos option from the left side and it will show you only the image files.

As I told you earlier, Disk drill lets you preview the files before you recover them so that you can select only the desired files that you want to recover. So, select all the files which you want to recover and proceed to the next step.

IV. Recover Files

Disk Drill Recovery Software

This is the last step you need to follow to restore the recycle bin and get your files back. After selecting the files to recover, simply click the recover button available at the top.

Or you can also right-click the files or folder to recover and then select the Recover option. All your files will be recovered successfully within a very short time.


  • Free Version – 100MB free data recovery
  • Pro Version – $89 (Unlimited recovery, 1 user, 3 PCs)
  • Enterprise – $399 (Unlimited recovery, ∞ users, ∞ PCs)


Wrap Up

So, with this quick and handy tool, restore the recycle bin. Disk Drill software is all you need to get for recycle bin recovery. The free version is enough to try out the software and to get your recently deleted files recovered. It is the one-stop solution for all your data recovery needs so you may want to go for the PRO version is also worth the money. So, try the software for yourself and share your experience.

The saddest thing of data loss should be that you do not notice until several days later. In other words, you deleted files on computer and emptied the Trash Bin. You saved the new files and then you realize that you lost files and they are so important.

Generally speaking, you can't recover the overwritten files, especially for the original files have been overwritten for a long time.

You may wonder whether it is possible to recover overwritten files on Mac and Windows PC. Well, the answer is 'Yes'.

Whether the deleted file has been replaced by the new file with the same name, or recover overwritten files from any external drive, you still have a chance to get them back. This post will show some solutions to help you recover overwritten files.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Recover Overwritten Files

There are many different situations where people will meet and cause data overwritten. Different people have different requirements towards overwritten data recovery. To satisfy multifarious demands to recover overwritten files on Windows computer, you can choose Apeaksoft Data Recovery to recover deleted data in customizable way. It can recover data from empty recycle bin on Windows PC and Mac with ease.

  • It retrieves the video files in the formats of AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.
  • Audio files like AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, etc. can be found back.
  • It recovers data from recycle bin, Sandisk, computer, hard/flash drive, memory card, etc. with ease.
  • It recovers images in JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, etc.
  • Documents like XLSX/XLS, DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML/HTM, INDD, EPS, etc. are recoverable.
  • Email and other data like ZIP, RAR, SIT, and more are supported to get back.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later) and any popular Mac OS.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Free download, install and operate this tool on your computer.

In the main interface, you need to check the data types from Image, Audio, Video, Email, Document and others.

In the hard disk drive, you also need to check it. Then click Scan to start the scanning process.

Step 2. After the scanning result is finished, you need to click the data type folder for further details.

After viewing the deleted Word files in details, you could checkmark the exact files that you want to restore, and click Recover to save the deleted data to your computer.

You can also learn from the video tutorial to recover the overwritten files:

For more overwritten files recovery, visit here: Best data recovery doftware for overwritten data.

Part 2. How to Recover Overwritten Files on Windows

There are also extra data recovery methods to recover overwritten files manually on Windows and OS X platforms. What you need to do depends on the accurate operating system.

Step 1. Choose 'Backup and Restore' option

Windows 10: Open 'Start' menu to find 'Backup and Restore' option. Or you can open the cortana keyboard search and type 'Backup' to get the same result.

Windows 8: Open 'Settings' and type 'Windows 7' to get 'Windows 7 File Recovery' choice.

Windows 7: Open 'Start' menu and type 'backup' to get 'Backup and Restore' option.

Step 2. Choose overwritten files to restore

Hit 'Restore my files' button to recover your personal files. And tap 'Restore all user's files' to recover other user's files. If you need to recover overwritten from the different backup, choose 'Select another backup to restore files from' button. The latest backups will display, and you can click 'Choose a different date' to access the older backup files to recover overwritten files on Windows. Or you can use the search engine if you cannot figure out the accurate name.

Step 3. Recover overwritten files on PC

Click 'In the original location' button and hit 'Restore'. Use 'Copy and Replace', 'Copy, but keep both files' and other buttons to recover overwritten files.

Part 3. How to Recover Overwritten Files on Mac with Time Machine

The Time Machine window shows you available disk space and latest backup date. It will hourly back up Mac in the past 24 hours, daily backups in the past month and weekly backups for the previous months. There is no need to worry whether your computer will be full of backup data, because the oldest backups will be removed automatically once the disk becomes full. So using Time Machine to recover overwritten files does not work for deleted data long time ago.

If you have turned on Time Machine before, you can recover overwritten files on Mac with backups before. Open 'Finder' and run 'Time Machine'. Find the specific Time Machine backup file, and hit 'Restore' to recover overwritten files.

Part 4. How to Get Overwritten Files Recovery on Mac with Disk Drill

Disk Drill is the versatile data recovery software for Windows and Mac users. You can recover all kinds of deleted data from all major file systems. There are 'Recovery Vault' and 'Guaranteed Recovery' modes, which allows users to enable Trash protection for the personalize partition or not.

Step 1. Launch Disk Drill app on PC/Mac

Download Disk Drill data recovery software on computer. The free data recovery space up to 100MB. And for Mac users, installing Disk Drill software need to be dragged into 'Application' folder. Launch the data recovery software to prepare to recover overwritten files.

Disk Drill Recover Trash Storage

Step 2. Scan overwritten data

You will see all your drives listed in the main interface of Disk Drill. Enter the administer password of your computer. Start scanning to review and confirm your found deleted files. Enable 'Quick Scan' to recover files with meta data intact, or to use 'Deep Scan' as the final choice to recover deleted files completely.

Step 3. Recover overwritten files

Select before the name of your overwritten files. You can preview through the 'eye' icon besides, and you can find the potential file and check whether the file is recoverable or not. Hit 'Recover' button on the top right corner to recover overwritten files on Windows PC or Mac with ease.

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Disk Drill Recover Recycle Bin


Disk Drill Recover Trash

This post provides you the full guid to recover overwritten files on your Windows and Mac computer. Select the best one to do it. If any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.