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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

In an older post from 2013 I briefly described the Android test automation tool called Espresso. Espresso is the test automation framework provided by Google to implement fast and reliable tests for Android apps. Since last year Espresso is available in the version 2.0 and has fixed lots of issues and is now supporting most of the Android UI elements. If you are new to Espresso you can check the following URLs, they provide a getting started, Espresso guide and some Espresso samples.

  1. Barista Cheat Sheets
  2. Espresso Drink Cheat Sheet

Eat Your Coffee has put together a cheat sheet to what Italian Coffee is all about that you need to check out! There are a few basic rules to follow to avoid being considered “uncivilized”: here we have created a short glossary to understand what your options are and to avoid committing serious mistakes at the counter.

Espresso drink cheat sheet
  • Espresso-Web cheat sheet is a nice reference to the methods used for.
  • Espresso handles this by providing a separate onData entry point which is able to first load the adapter item in question, bringing it into focus prior to operating on it or any of its children. Note: You may choose to bypass the onData loading action for items in adapter views that are initially displayed on screen because they are already.


Barista Cheat Sheets

  • Espresso Setup
  • Espresso Getting Started
  • Espresso Samples on GitHub

Espresso Drink Cheat Sheet

Today I found the Espresso Cheat Sheet (I don’t know why this not happened earlier 🙂 ), but nevertheless I want to share it with you as well. Read more