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Description: Okay I’m back everyone with my final tutorial for the day. This time you will be learning how to draw something a little different. Since there is a fashion category under the pop culture header, I figure that one tutorial every few days on a fashion item or person would do just fine. Like I mentioned before fashion is a part of everyone’s lifestyle, and everyone has their own sense of fashion. For me, I like wearing a variety of things like pajama pants, Tripp pants, net arm socks, fashionable shoes once in a while and so on. In this tutorial you will be learning how to draw a fashion model. Now a fashion model is a man, woman or child and what they do is wear clothes to display fashion made by various designers mainly to promote apparel . There are like seven different types of models that are used for many different marketing and other uses that call for models. The seven categorized models are of course fashion models, glamour models, super models, fitness models, bikini models, fine art models, alternative models (these models are typically used for punk, Goth, fetish, skater and tattoo fashions). Not only are there different models classes, there are also different models sizes as well. First you have the typical 34-24-34 girl with an average height of at least 5’8 or more. Than there is the plus size models that are geared toward “real woman”. I mean I guess the term “real woman” is used for those that are not in shape, or are just big boned, but since there are also young girls and adults that are slightly on the heavy side they should also use the term ”real kids” or “real teens” right? Anyway models have been down the fashion runway for many, many years and they have also become a part of everyday living. Like when you are at the store and you are waiting in line the first impulse you have is to pick up an Elle magazine, or Cosmo just to see what’s inside (even though you have looked through the same magazine last week). This tutorial will show you how easy it is to draw a fashion model step by step. The instructions take you on a drawing journey so you can get creative and draw out a model that you idolize. Remember you don’t have to color in her dress the same way I did or use the same hair color. You choose your own colors from the pallet and work your magic. I will be back again tomorrow with more drawing fun.
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Today, fashion is a lifestyle for most people especially in big town. Appear fashionable sometimes become demand. Demand in work, social life, and a demand from the inner self of people. Like anything will less if we do not look stylist or fashionable. So much media relate all about fashion. Television, internet, magazine, newspaper, are some examples media those explain all things. Of course with look more fashionable, we can feel more confident and like anything else in a day just can flow suits we want.

Fashion model drawing template

But, how to draw fashion model sketch? Especially when we even cannot even draw? Because not just a designer that can make some fashion model sketch, you also can make your own fashion sketch by your self. Let’s just make it simple and take your pencil and paper. First of all, make sure what are you want to draw, a man or women with dress or coats, how the model, or what else do you want to draw. After that, try to draw a model with an easy pose. Then try to visualize in your mind what clothes fit the models embedded in the body.

After those basic sketches, then you can try to erase the sketch lines that look loose-fitting. Then the last step is coloring that sketch carefully and staying within the lines. Actually coloring the

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  1. Fashion drawings are the blueprint for a design, and can vary in style and amount of detail. A flat sketch is usually used to outline the shape and silhouette of a garment. Fashion drawings can also be three-dimensional fashion figures with texture, shading, and movement lines for fabric draping.
  2. Also visit the Model Drawing video bundle at my website,6 videos for you to enjoy! Hi, I'm Laura Volpintesta. I've been teaching fashion design and model drawing/ portfolio for 20 years at Parsons School of Design in NYC and online.
  3. LEARN HOW TO DRAW FASHION MODELS. Learn how to draw fashion figures step by step. With my tutorials you will learn how to draw fashion croquis with perfect proportions of the body and face. Create different facial expressionas, model poses and bring character to your fashion illustrations!
  4. Fashion Model Drawing Video. Plus Size Fashion Model drawing tools for fashion- take the tools and customize the rules for ANY BODY TYPE! (This is a picture: scroll down to view the video!).

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