Female Body Sketch For Fashion

Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Another classic and very feminine plus size template for your fashion design sketches. The bent arm of the model will highlight the sleeves of the outfit. In the same time the wide set legs are suitable for designing pants, jeans and gowns with high slits. The romantic mood of the pose adds to the design ideas and makes them look their best. 72,680 female body template stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Body front and back outline man body women body measurement chart woman side view illustration body illustration naked woman sketch body proportions back drawing. Try these curated collections. Poses for Fashion Illustration is a set of figure template cards tailor-made for fashion illustration. Featuring 100 different poses, every occasion, dimension and body shape is covered in this deck. All templates are identical in proportion and developed to ensure an easy and efficient tracing experience. In this fashion drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw female fashion figure and how to render different skin tones. Then you'll love this video where.

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Hi, Today I want to show best method for drawing female fashion figure. I have already shared another method for figure drawing (Planning Fashion Figure Body , Drawing Fashion Figures Muscles) but this one is more advanced. In this method, first you will learn how to draw skeletal shape of the body. Then you will learn how to draw the curves of women body.

Advanced Fashion Drawing Tips for beginners

  • Draw a vertical line on the center of the paper. It is your balance line. It also called plumb line.
  • Divide it to 8.5 equal section.
  • On the first section draw a head.
  • Draw the shoulder line on the middle of the second section.

Note : The head length is the body length measurement unit and head width is body width measurement unit.

Fashion Figures Head

  • The head width is 2/3 head length. divide head length to 3 equal section.
  • In the first section mark 1/3 head length.
  • Draw a semicircle in the first part.
  • At the bottom of last section, draw tiny horizontal line for chin.
  • Draw vertical lines form 1/3 to 2/3 then attach them to the both side of chin.

This is upside down egg shape.

Designing the basic shape of fashion figure

Female Body Sketch For Fashion Designer

  • The shoulder width is equal to 2 head width. mark 1 head width on both side of plumb line.
  • The waist width is equal to 1 1/4 head width. mark it on the waist line.
  • The hip width is equal to shoulder width. mark 1 head width on the both side of plumb line.
  • Draw torso by connecting shoulder line to waist line and then to the hip line.

Joint placement and size

Fashion Figure Sketch

Note : For all joint draw small circle, in 1/4 head width.

  • Draw two small circle on the both end of shoulder line.
  • on the knee line mark 1/2 head width. These two point are the center of kneecap circles. Draw circles.
  • Slightly above the hip line Draw hip joint.
  • Draw ankle’s joint with little distance form plumb line.
Female Body Sketch For Fashion
Drawing the basic shape of the foot
  • draw a line form the hip joint to the knee.
  • For indicating calf muscles, divide the leg approximately three equal parts. Draw line with gentle slope to one third down and then connect it to ankle joint.
  • Not its turn of the feet and toes. The width of the toe is 1/2 head width. Mark it on the both side.
  • For figure’s toes, draw small triangular shape.
Drawing the basic shape of the hand
  • First of all your should draw small circles for elbow and wrist joints . When hands hangs down the elbow is the level of waistline and wrist is the level of hip line.
  • Draw circle for these joint.
  • Then connect the arm socket circle to elbow and wrist joint.
  • The hand is equal to 3/4 head width. Draw the hand as slim half-circle.

The basic shape of 8.5 head proportion fashion Figure is completed. Flow the steps bellow to develop your sketch.

Developing Your Fashion Figure

For drawing muscles you should first specify the exact location of base of the neck, armpit, end of the rib cage and ridge of the hip.

Divide the distance between chin and bust( shoulder and bust line) to 3 equal section.

  • The first 1/3 is the starting point of shoulder slope.
  • The second 1/3 is under the shoulder joint.
  • The half way between the last 1/3 is the armpit and starting point of the bust shape.

Divide the distance between bust-line and waistline to 3 equal sections. Then do the same process for waist to hip.

Female Body Sketch For Fashion Design

  • 1/3 up the waistline : end of the rib cage
  • First 1/3 down the waistline : starting of ridge of hip
  • Second 1/3 down the waistline : panty line

Drawing women’s muscles and body curves

  • The width of the neck is 1/2 width of the head. Connect the neckline form the head to starting point of shoulder slop.
  • With gentle slope attach it to the shoulder end.
  • Draw The clavicle bones slightly lower than the shoulder line.
  • For drawing torso start from the armpit.
  • Near the armpit, draw the bust form in half-circle shape.
  • Indicate the nipples slightly lower than bust-line and slightly to out, with little + .

Fashion Model Poses Sketch

How To Draw fashion figures foot
  • Draw a little line for crotch which is located 1-2mm down lower than hip-line.
  • Draw the hip bone on both side then draw a panty for your figure.
  • Draw the inside of leg, when you reach the kneecap, move inside.
  • Draw the outside of leg from hip to 2-3 mm above the knee joint.
  • Draw the outside of leg curving out in calf muscles and in at the ankle.
  • Draw the inside muscles with the lower muscles going out and the ankle slightly higher than outside ankle.
  • Indicate the shoe on the foot.
  • Indicate the knee on the both legs.

Female Body Sketch For Fashion Models

Drawing fashion figures hand

Female Body Sketch For Fashion Model

  • Draw the outer side of arm near to skeletal shape.
  • Then draw inside of hand.
  • For the hand just indicate the fingers and thumb. The complete tutorial hand will be published shortly.

Female Body Sketch For Fashion

Congratulations, the design of the figure has just come to an end. You need to practice more. In the next post you will learn how to draw fashion figure hands.