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Fashion Illustration – Head Theory, CroquisSketching or Illustrate designing is a skill drawn with the assist of number of lines and the design is produced with help of lines and strokes but it differs from drawing.” The focus in fashion illustration is to illustrate the fashion facts or croquis used for draping the clothes.

Free download of vector fashion croqui template shows female fashion figure pose standing in a bold full front view. This free female croqui template includes body guide lines for princess seams, neckline, armholes, bust, waist, high-hip, & center front for easier sketching of fashion illustrations. This Female Croquis Printables & Template is suitable for 9th - 12th Grade. Templates for 41 female croquis (fashion figure outline sketches used for fashion illustration) in a variety of poses are featured in a 15-page packet perfect for fashion designers.

Fashion Illustration is considered as the most fundamental component of Fashion Design. It is used to present the design ideas; Fashion illustration can be presented through many forms and textures with plenty of creative themes and impressions. The combination of Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration is known as “ART”….. Sketching is the foundation of making original pieces of work in Fashion network. Fashion illustration begins with the sketching of a croquis, the extra notation of the garment, and also a technological representation of the garment, before it is produced. Designers frequently sketch out their thoughts and impressions in notebooks before they create. Fashion performers have segregated a grown up human body into eight equivalent parts, which are identical in height to that of the head. Each part is known as ‘head’.


All these eight heads are as follows:


1st Head = from top head to chin of neck

Female Croquis Pdf

2nd Head = from chin of neck to bottom of armhole

3rd Head = from bottom of armhole to hollow of waist

4th Head = from waist to fork

Female Croquis

5th Head = from fork to the end of fingers

6th Head = from the end of fingers to below knee

7th Head = from small to lower leg, just above the ankle

8th Head = from lower leg to the end of foot

Female Croquis

How to create a Croquis? A croquis is an eight-headed figure outline which is the basis of fashion illustration. The method of creating Croquis is:Stick Figure -> Contour figure -> female or male Croquis. To create Croquis, first we have to choose perfect textured sketch book which should not have smoother surface, then all croquis handouts, ruler, pencils, coloring tools. The purpose of using “Eight head” theory of Fashion Illustrations are to identify the figure exactly. 1.) Draw the balance line from neck to ground , it should be straight 2.) Add the shoulder and hip line 3.) Fill the body shape – chest, waist, hip 4.) Then draw hands, feet, faces and at the end finish by drawing hairs 5.) Then sketch a high fashioned street wear or casual outfit using pencil or fine pen, for reference we can use magazines The main important components of Croquis are:

  • Balance Line
  • Hip Line

Female Croquis Free

  • Shoulder Line