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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Feature #23441

Backblaze B2 is part of the Cantemo Achive Framework. This means the Cantemo Portal can enable sophisticated rules to automatically archive or restore an asset or collection to/from Backblaze B2.

  • Online Backup: Backblaze Online Backup backs up PC and Mac desktop computers for $6/month, with 'unlimited backup' for all the data attached to a computer, including external USB hard dri.
  • The features reflect this. For example, FreeNAS features built-in cloud backup, with support for Amazon S3, Azure, Backblaze B2, and Google Cloud. It also features email alerts, as well as integration with services like Slack and Hipchat to notify you of system events.
Nice to have
William Grzybowski
GUI (new)


It would be nice to have some sort of UI tool to have support for Backblaze B2.

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Add Cloud Credentials and Cloud Sync.Ticket: #25848Ticket: #23441


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Just talked to Steve Creel at Cinnaminson Township and they would like to have this feature as well.

I had another customer recently that asked about it as well.

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Targeting for 11.1 but it might slip to 11.2 depending on the load of the tickets and priorities.

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Another TrueNAS customer has asked about adding Backblaze support as soon as practical as S3 storage is.... shall we say 'expensive'.

#6 Updated by Sean Fagan over 3 years ago

For what purpose? The current file-level backup, or offsite pool/dataset replication?

#7 Updated by Joshua Sirrine over 3 years ago

File-level backups.

Of course, there are clear opportunities for zfs replication, but that gets complicated because of initials versus changes, etc.

I would say that it may be smarter to keep this feature request for file-level backups, and leave the zfs snapshotting for another feature ticket for the future. I know Kris and I have talked about zfs replication to things like backblaze and s3 storage, but it is much more complicated than file-level backups.

Freenas Backblaze B2 Pro


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  • Related toFeature #25848: Add Cloud Sync, Google Cloud Storage, and Backblaze B2 support added

Backblaze B2 Synology

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Freenas Backblaze B2 Download

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Veeam Backblaze B2

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Backblaze B2 Price

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