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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022


Sign up for Deezer for free and listen to Freezer: discography, top tracks and playlists. Deezer source separation library including pretrained models. Python deep-learning tensorflow model drums deezer pretrained-models Python MIT 1,679 16,200 80 3 Updated Apr 15, 2021.

Deezloader might be getting replaced.

RemixDev (the current maintainer of Deezloader Remix) is working on a new project named Remix Downloader (name not final) which will support basically all the services worth downloading from for various reasons that you would, such as Spotify, with the Spotify Ripper App, Tidal, with Tidal Media Downloader, Google Play Music, Qobuz, and of course Deezer.

Telegram :
Help and Discussion :@RemixDownloaderCommunity

Deezloader Remix


In the process of a rewrite. Final release will be v4.2.0. The repository might get DMCA' so, make Git Clones/Forks
(see News channel for more information)

Repository :

Telegram :

Download :@DeezloaderRMX

News :@DeezloaderRemix

Help and Discussion :@DeezloaderRemixCommunity

Deezloader Remix Mobile

Used to be Deezloader Android
Based on Deezloader Remix.

Repository :

Download :

Telegram :

Download :@DeezloaderAndroid

Help and Discussion :DeezloaderAndroidCommunity

Deezloader Remaster

Not recommended (Abandoned)

Not recommended as it lacks counteless functionalities.
It is extremely good looking though.


Repository :

Discord :

Download :!zeBiWS7a!_W2cCdzF2hT-m5ysOo_nJA

Keep an eye on /r/DeezloadersIsBack/ for more updates.

Deezloader Reborn

Not recommended (Doesn't work and Abandoned)


Repository :

Downloads :

  • Windows installer: DeezLoader-3.1.3-win-64&32-installer.exe
  • Windows x32 portable: DeezLoader-3.1.3-win-32-portable.7z
  • Windows x64 portable: DeezLoader-3.1.3-win-64-portable.7z
  • Linux x64DeezLoader-3.1.3-linux-x64.AppImage
  • Linux x32 DeezLoader-3.1.3-linux-32.AppImage
  • Mac x64: DeezLoader-3.1.3-mac-64.dmg

Telegram : @Deezloader

DeezLoader Reborn V3.1.1 final (old and not working)

DeezLoader Reborn is here to replace the old DeezLoader V2.3.1.
With this software you can download high-qualiy music and enjoy.

DeezLoader Reborn has been discontinued due to DMCA

I highly recommend you to use SMLoadr

Pastebin link:

  • Download FLAC/MP3-320 music content from Deezer(FLAC needs to be turned on in the settings 'turn on HIFI')
  • Search musics
  • Use Deezer links as an alternative for Searching and downloading inside the software
  • Download multiple musics at a time
  • Download Albums and artists
  • Tagging system on MP3-320 and FLAC
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Source code:
  • Windows installer: DeezLoader-3.1.1-win-64&32-installer.exe
  • Windows x64 portable: DeezLoader-3.1.1-win-64-portable.7z
  • Windows x86 portable: DeezLoader-3.1.1-win-32-portable.7z
  • Linux x64: DeezLoader-3.1.1-linux-64.AppImage
  • Linux x86: DeezLoader-3.1.1-linux-32.AppImage
  • Mac x64: DeezLoader-3.1.1-mac-64.dmg
  • Windows installer: DeezLoader-3.1.1-win-64&32-installer.exe --Uploading
  • Linux x64: DeezLoader-3.1.1-linux-64.AppImage --Uploading
  • Linux x86: DeezLoader-3.1.1-linux-32.AppImage --Uploading
  • Mac x64: DeezLoader-3.1.1-mac-64.dmg --Uploading
  • BTC/BCH: 1A25gu2vMXLfQBYArYLMBcTpnuwPiKW6vL
  • LTC: LbrVLYkmJ3k2woXACMKshg8KqbMqt1yhAz
  • Paypal:[email protected]
  • Download the installer and run it.
  • Run DeezLoader.
  • Download Node JS latest version
  • Download the source code in the download section
  • Run or run the command npm install && npm run dist or yarn install && yarn run dist if you have yarn installed
  • Go to dist and you will see the installer and the software folder
  • Have fun(Easy Peasy)

If you are a linux user and it returns an error or stucks at creating AppImage then go to package.json and delete this

Original Developer

Former Maintainers



No longer maintained by ExtendLord

  • I am not responsible for the usage of this program by other people.
  • I do not recommend you doing this illegally or against Deezer's terms of service.
  • This project is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Thanks to /u/zpoo32 for reporting several issues in this list!

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