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About Frozen Orbit: “. Hard science fiction and an entertaining and gripping plot. Chiles nails the atmosphere of a NASA-run human spaceflight mission in the 21st century, the jargon of the mission controllers and astronauts, and the bureaucratic infighting characterizing today’s NASA. Took me ages to finally get a frozen orbit with snapshot I'm just wondering if the extra range with full-bore is worth it or i should go with arrowed took get the most handling.


Set to embark on NASA’s first expedition to the outer planets, the crew of the spacecraft Magellan learns someone else has beaten them by a few decades: a top-secret Soviet project codenamed Arkangel.
Now during their long race to the Kuiper Belt, astronauts Jack Templeton and Traci Keene must unwind a decades-old mystery buried in the pages of a dead cosmonaut’s journal. The solution will challenge their beliefs about the nature of humanity, and will force the astronauts to confront the question of existence itself. And the final answer lies at the edge of the Solar System, waiting to change everything.
About Frozen Orbit:
“. . . hard science fiction and an entertaining and gripping plot. . . . Chiles nails the atmosphere of a NASA-run human spaceflight mission in the 21st century, the jargon of the mission controllers and astronauts, and the bureaucratic infighting characterizing today’s NASA. . . . The scenario and background . . . are the scaffolding on which a gripping tale is formed. Readers experience the wonder the astronauts feel on a remarkable voyage, groan as the Earth goes crazy as the expedition progresses, and thrill to a powerful conclusion . . . science fiction at its best.”—The Galveston County Daily News
'The story moves quickly with elements of both a spy thriller and a space race...Frozen Orbit could make for an impressive movie, one that would stand with greats such as Contact or Interstellar.'Booklist
About Farside by Patrick Chiles:
'The situations are realistic, the characters interesting, the perils harrowing, and the stakes could not be higher...The story is one of problem solving, adventure, survival, improvisation, and includes one of the most unusual episodes of space combat in all of science fiction. It would make a terrific movie.'— John Walker,
'...a fast-paced and exciting story which bounces between the borders of technological thriller and science fiction...Farside is an impressive effort.'—Mark Lardas, The Galveston County Daily News

Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Season of the Chosen, may continue to sunsetting weapons players enjoy using, however, it also brings some new weapons for players to chase. The new sniper rifle, Frozen Orbit, has made itself known among the Destiny community as the only 72 RPM energy sniper rifle currently not sunset in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The Frozen Orbit sniper rifle is a 72 RPM Void sniper rifle, making it unique because it is the only sniper rifle of its class that is not currently sunset. With a somewhat large perk pool, there are many different rolls that Guardians can achieve. With perks like Outlaw or Killing Wind available in the first perk slot, and Vorpal Weapon or Opening Shot in the second perk slot, Frozen Orbit can roll with either PVP or PVE centric perks to make it a viable option in any activity in Destiny 2.


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Frozen Orbit

For Guardians to obtain one of these Frozen Orbit sniper rifles, they will need to participate in Crucible matches. Frozen Orbit has a chance of dropping after a Crucible match, or by claiming rank up packages from Lord Shaxx. Crucible may not be the place many Guardians enjoy spending their time but with a wide range of perk options, Frozen Orbit makes a compelling case for Guardians to jump into the Crucible for a chance at claiming this 72 RPM sniper rifle.

When thinking about PVP based rolls for Frozen Orbit, Guardians may want to look for Outlaw, Killing Wind, or even Moving Target in the first perk column. Paired with the second column perks like Killclip, Opening Shot, Snapshot, or Quickdraw, the Frozen Orbit sniper can be a deadly weapon to take into the Crucible.

More PVE centric players also have multiple options for their Frozen Orbit. With perks like Clown Cartridge, and Triple Tap available in the first perk slot, Guardians can look to pair these perks with Frozen Orbit’s second column perks like Multikill Clip, Vorpal Weapon, or Dragonfly, for a strong PVE option with a power cap of 1610 to ensure it lasts until season 17.

With Destiny 2’s sunsetting making many weapons obsolete, Guardians may find relief that Bungie is starting to fill the void of missing weapon archetypes across the Destiny 2 weapon scope. Season of the Chosen focuses heavily on expanding the current weapon options for the energy slot, leading Guardians to hope for more equal representation across the kinetic and energy weapon slots in future seasons.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Frozen Orbit God Roll

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Frozen Orbit Destiny

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