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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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HTML5 by default has shipped and we are currently in the process of ramping up the SEI threshold, per the schedule below.

Google had developed the Swiffy application, released in 2014, to convert Flash applications to HTML5-compatible scripts for viewing on mobile devices but which was shut down in 2016. 65 Closer to Flash's EOL date in 2020, there were more concentrated efforts simply to preserve existing Flash applications, including websites, video games,. Welcome to Android Flash Tool You can use this tool to install Android builds on your devices. This tool allows you to flash Android onto recent Pixel phones and some Android development devices (view full list) and requires 10GB of available storage on your computer. This tool doesn't support flashing Android onto tablets or Chrome OS devices.

Currently 87.5% of population have an SEI threshold score of 4 and 12.5% has a threshold score of 8 (we do this to measure the impact of the threshold change). By the end of the month we will progress on to the next phase on the ramp and everyone will be at least at 8.

Google Flash

Adobe Flash Player has been specifically designed to stream multimedia-rich Flash video files in the browser. Compared to previous versions, this version takes a big leap in performance, features, and efficiency. The new features have been developed to take advantage of 64-bit browsers and operating systems. Flash Video Player is an excellent video player tool. It supports all video formats and HD video files. It is one of the best HD video player for android tablet and android phones. Also there is.


Shipping Schedule

HTML5 by Default was initially rolled out to 1% of Chrome 55 Stable users (December), followed by a full deployment (i.e. to 100% of users) in Chrome 56 Stable (February).

Flash prompting will only be enabled for sites whose Site Engagement Index (SEI) is below a certain threshold. For Chrome 55, starting in January 2017 prompts will only appear for sites where the user’s SEI is less than 1. That threshold will increase to 100 through October 2017, when all Flash sites will require an initial prompt. As a reminder, users will only be prompted once per site.

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Here’s a summary of thresholds and % of users:

Google Flashcards

Site Engagement Threshold

User % Enabled

January 2017

1 (Stable 55)

1% (Stable 55), 50% (Beta 56)

February 2017


100% (Stable 56)

March 2017



April 2017



May 2017



June 2017



July 2017



August 2017



September 2017



October 2017