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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022
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Bartending to Raise Funds for United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee . An event like no other! United Way and Burntwood Tavern are teaming together for a fun-filled Guest Bartending fund-raising event! Share a drink served by our guest bartenders at Burntwood Tavern, hang with your friends, and gather tips that will help us reach our $10.8 million goal.

Here’s how it works... We have assembled the hippest, most community minded bartenders in the Fort Myers area. And they need you…

Guest Bartender Shift

Click the donate button above to visit our virtual tip page and select your favorite team or server. Simply make an online, tax-deductible donation and help your favorite bartender to become the top fundraiser! Then join us at Burntwood Tavern in Bell Tower Shops and Gulf Coast Town Center on Wednesday, March 24th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. And of course, there will be real tip jars on the bar to put the evening over the top!


Mixologist Apron

Guest Bartending and Fundraising Jimmy's Tavern has helped raise money for many charities and we are always happy and excited to assist you with your fundraising efforts! Whether it be for charity, or just for fun, guest bartending is an easy way to promote your company, organization. With the participation of local organizations and businesses, Guest Bartender events support local and national charities, teams, schools, animal shelters and other causes. Community members volunteer their time behind the bar as guest bartenders on the night of the event! It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for important charities while celebrating with your friends.

Guest Bartender Flyer

We will be hosting the event on virtual platforms as well! We understand if you are not comfortable being in public. We will be 'televising' the event via social media for your viewing pleasure!

Guest Bartender Fundraiser

Guest Bartending and Fundraising
Jimmy's Tavern has helped raise money for many charities and we are always happy and excited to assist you with your fundraising efforts!
Whether it be for charity, or just for fun, guest bartending is an easy way to promote your company, organization or event!
Step 1) Let's get started;
Simply sign up your self, your friends, your boss, etc. to guest bartend during evening hours of any night between Monday and Thursday! To request a date, please call Mark Krenrich at 571-283-1629.
We suggest you have between 2 and 6 guest bartenders for your event, in which 2 of them can bartend at a time along with our 'professional bartenders'! Prior bartending experience is not necessary, as our bartenders will work closely with them and show them the ropes!
Step 2) Promoting!
Time to get the word out! Mark will assist by creating a facebook event page and invitations, which can be emailed to your friends, as well as handed out! If time permits, Jimmy's may also try to add your event to our placemat/calendar and website!
Your job is to spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, etc. through facebook, twitter, emails, phone calls, e-vites, WHATEVER WORKS! ;)
Guest bartending guidelines:
1. Guest bartenders (or GBs) should arrive 30 minutes before their shift and check in!
2. GBs will receive complimentary non/alcoholic drinks throughout the event.
3.GBs must be at least 21 and may not drink alcohol as they bartend.
4.All drinks made by GBs will be added to tabs, or $ will be collected, by Jimmy's staff. (GBs need not worry about using the cash register!)
5.Jimmy's staff will ID all patrons consuming alcohol, and may cut off patrons if necessary.
6.GBs may not accept gratuities, all tips go to the Jimmy's staff, sorry!
7.GBs must empty trash and mop floors after their shift. (I'm kidding!!!!)
Attire: GBs can wear shirts, etc that promote their cause! Have fun and be creative!
Fundraising ideas!
There are definitely way too many ideas for raising money for charity to ever list, but here are a few that seem to work well at Jimmy's!
Keep in mind that Jimmy's can easily provide dj/emcee services at no cost for your event, and you do not need to have guest bartenders if you just want to have a fundraiser!
1. Create 1 or 2 'Donation' jars. Decorate them however you wish! (these are not 'tip' buckets, they are 'donation' jars) These jars may be placed throughout the restaurant, and should be monitored. Again, these are for donations and not for tips, thank you for your cooperation.
2.Host a raffle by soliciting EVERYONE you know to donate prizes! The better the prizes, the more you can raise! (50/50 raffles can work, but such a waste to give back 1/2 the $) Raffles ticket sales seem to work best as follows; $2.00 per ticket, 3 for $5.00, arm's length for $10.00 (typically anyone's arm can be used from shoulder to finger tip!), or a wing span for $20.00! (again, anyone's wing span will work, the longer the better, from finger tip to finger tip). With a lot of prizes, it's best to list them on a poster board as well as on a sheet that can be handed out. Must be present to win is the norm, and posting the winning tickets on the prize board helps too! (any unclaimed prizes can be re-raffled or added to the final prize!)
3.Live or Silent Auction! Again, the better the prizes, the more you can raise! If you are not familiar with a silent auction, ask Mark for details!
4.Live music! Get your favorite musicians/bands to perform at Jimmy's! The best night for this is a Thursday. Acoustic acts are welcome to set up and perform anytime after 6pm, full bands after 9pm. If you choose this idea, the musicians must bring their own sound equipment and Jimmy's will help with logistics, etc. Wednesdays are our normal live music nights in which we host 'Open Mic Nite', please click here for more details on Open Mic Nites! You are welcome to have your event on a Wednesday and invite your musical friends to play! Musicians can sell cds/t-shirts/etc and donate to the cause!
5.Create and sell your own event t-shirts/cups/glassware/etc! Be creative!
Again, these are just a few ideas!
Thank you for your interest in hosting your event at Jimmy's. Please remember to contact Mark to get the ball rolling or if you have any questions!

Jimmy and staff!