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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

New version of the effects rack. Return with a new look, new amplifiers, new effects, and new machine learning technology to simulate modern equipment. Unlimited heat, grain, crunch and air, plus all the effects you could ever need.

NEW AMPLIFIERS AND EFFECTS – Three newly modeled signature and vintage amps. We’ve also added 16 new Native and Softube effects for new ways to define your tone.

GUITAR RIG 6 PRO is a multi-effects rack and amp simulator made for creating and experimenting with audio in a way that is fast and direct. Think of it as your own studio, only with more space, less heavy amp heads, and way more flexibility. With new amps, effects and a brand new interface, Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig 6 is the perfect companion for every guitarist. Learn how to craft your perfect tone right here, right now! NI’s Guitar Rig 6 is like a candy shop for guitarists!

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REDESIGNED INTERFACE – The GUITAR RIG 6 PRO looks new. The new scalable interface is intuitive and easy to use, making audio processing even more intuitive.

HELP DECIDE WHAT’S NEXT – Our new way of modeling hardware means it’s easier for us to add the types of amps and effects our community needs, and everyone is welcome to participate.

CREATIVE SOLUTION – The GUITAR RIG 6 PRO is a multi-effects stand and amp simulator designed for fast and direct sound creation and experimentation. Think of it like your own studio, only with more space, less heavy amp heads, and more flexibility. Create unique processing chains to customize your tones, adding space, warmth, and character to everything from guitar and bass to strings, drums, synthesizers and more.

INTELLIGENT CIRCUIT SIMULATION – Fantastic in name, but incredibly realistic in nature. The newly developed circuit simulation process uses advanced machine learning technology to reproduce the behavior of hardware devices from scratch, bringing a whole new level of depth and realism to our amp emulations. Moreover, this means that we will work with the community to unlock new hardware and add it to the GUITAR RIG 6 PRO with regular updates.

CHICAGO – A classic, rare mid-50s combo amp with simple gain and tone controls, but rich in character and very responsive to the dynamics of choice. Rotate it all the way to get rich, lamp-driven beauty.

Guitar Rig 6 Chicago Amp

BASS INVADER – Punchy, vintage solid-state bass amp that’s rock-solid. With 4-band active EQ, voice filters and distortion control that’s as good in modern rock as it was 30 years ago.

FIRE BREATHER – This versatile blend of high-quality high-gain, hand-crafted American signature amp, originally inspired by British classics, can do everything from modern metal tones to stunning clean sounds.


GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER comes with the free FACTORY SELECTION, providing the following high-class components taken from GUITAR RIG 6 PRO:


Jump Amp with Matched Cabinet: The sound of the Jump is a classic choice, perfect for smooth, singing leads that characterize the much-loved sound of British amps. Its Matched Cabinet perfectly complements the amp, completing this essential, ready-to-rock duo.


Studio Reverb: The Studio Reverb provides a realistic emulation of halls and rooms.
Delay Man: The Delay Man is a warm and flexible delay unit with built-in chorus and vibrato.
Twin Delay: The Twin Delay combines two parallel delay modules to provide advanced stereo effects. Each of the delayed signal chains is assigned to one of the stereo channels and features a full set of controls.


Skreamer: This warm, smooth-sounding overdrive is perfect for rhythm guitar and silky, clear-cut leads.


Chorus/Flanger: This delay-based unit can create chorusing, flanging, and pitch modulation effects, depending on the Mode switch.


EQ Parametric: A parametric equalizer is a highly sophisticated form of tone control, allowing you to boost or attenuate a continuously adjustable range of frequencies, with a variable bandwidth from broad to sharp.
EQ Shelving: A shelving equalizer combines a hi-pass and a low-pass filter to boost or attenuate the frequency ranges above and below their frequency limits, while the midrange frequencies remain untouched.
Pro-Filter: The Pro-Filter is based on a filter included in Native Instruments’ legacy software synthesizer Pro-53.


Limiter: A limiter works like a compressor with a high compression ratio and short attack time.
Volume: This simple volume control can attenuate or boost the level at any point in the signal chain.
Tube Compressor: A compressor evens out dynamic contrasts by attenuating signals above a threshold.
Noise Gate: A noise gate helps remove noise and hiss, but can also be used as a special effect.
Noise Reduction: The Noise Reduction component is similar to the Noise Gate, but has a softer effect.

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