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Integration with your Windows XP or Mac OS X computer KeyRig 49 is a quality keyboard controller with the ability to control a multitude of music creation and virtual instrument applications, such as Ableton Live and Key Rig (included in this bundle) The KeyRig 49 keyboard is also an ideal companion to the popular GarageBand software. In this example, we are using Guitar Rig 6 In L, since our guitar is connected to 1: Input 1 (the input name may be different on your computer, depending on which audio interface is used). Make sure that the corresponding input button ( L or R ) next to the input level meter is active.

I have a Behringer UCG102 Guitar Link that worked in the past (using Mac OS X Snow Leopard without any special driver, before upgrading to Mac OS X Lion) without any problem but now has stopped working. The device is working properly on Windows computers. Also I recently bougth a Behringer Xenyx 2442USB mixer and tested on a windows computer and it works perfectly. So I think it is not a problem with my mixer hardware neither my guitar link unit.

But when I try to use it any of them on my Apple MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3) they do not work. I can reproduce sounds coming from my computer to the mixer, but I'm not able to record nothing. I've followed the indications. In the Audio/Midi settings application I select USB Audio Codec as default Input and output device. I did the same on the 'System Preferences -> Sounds'.

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Also in any recording application tested (Audacity, GarageBand, EnergyXT2.5) I selected again as input source the one labeled as 'USB Audio Codec', but no sound is recorded.

I've noticed that in 'System Preferences -> Sounds' in the input section, when I select 'USB Audio CODEC' as device for sound input, it is not possible to change the settings for that device (it shows 'The selected device has no input controls' and the Input level bar is completely at left. If I select the integrated microphone I'm able to select the input level and the bar shows the sounds the microphone record.

Guitar Rig 6 Mac Os

Something similar happens with the Audio MIDI Setup application where in the input section of the USB Audio CODEC all the level controls (Master, 1, 2) are disabled and grayed

RigGuitar Rig 6 Mac Os

Guitar Rig 6 Mac Os

It is clearly a problem in the driver in the latest version of the operating systems, and it seems this bug have been already reported by many people. Does Apple have any plan to solve that issue?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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