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  • Opera GX is a popular web browser designed specifically for gamers.It features an array of configuration options and tools that make gaming and browsing a breeze. This free program also includes various security features and an ad-free browsing experience.
  • Opera GX- A dedicated gaming browser Opera GX is a best browser for online games developed by the Opera Software developer team which is one of the oldest browser application providers. The first Opera browser was launched in 1995 and also a pioneer in providing a tabbed browsing interface.

Opera GX, the new desktop browser for gamers Opera’s line of products keeps growing and evolving. The recently launched Opera Touch focused on being a bridge between the desktop and mobile apps. On the other hand, Opera GX focuses its efforts on those who play PC videogames. Opera GX is the world’s first-ever gaming browser which gives the users the look and feel of a gamer-inspired environment. We would be taking a look at some of the cool feature sets that have inspired the design, and how will it work with your Windows systems. It Is A Gaming Browser.

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Opera recently purchased YoYo Games, creators of the game development engine Game Maker Studio, to build up its new “Opera Gaming” division. Opera hasn’t announced what it plans to do with Game Maker Studio just yet, but the acquisition offers great opportunity to check in on Opera’s other gaming-focused product: the Opera GX web browser.

Opera GX was released in “early access” in June 2019, so it’s still technically in development. It also looks like a niche gaming app at first glance. But while it’s best suited to PC players in its current form, there are solid reasons to try Opera GX even if you don’t play games.

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Gx Opera Gaming Browser

The most gaming-specific feature is the “GX Corner” tab. Clicking the controller-shaped icon at the top of Opera GX’s sidebar opens a window with recent gaming-related news stories, links to free and discounted PC games, and a calendar of upcoming releases. The page is updated automatically and doesn’t need to be configured, but you can customize the layout and specify your region to make the news feed more relevant.


Opera GX also lets you connect your Twitch account, Discord, and other messaging apps. Each account is added to GX’s sidebar menu so you can keep up with your notifications and messages directly from the browser’s interface, rather than opening each as a separate tab or app.

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A separate “GX Cleanup” feature lets you quickly clear your history and cache—nothing fancy there. However, “GX Control” lets you monitor Opera GX’s general network, CPU, and memory at any time and set limits for how many resources the browser uses. There’s also a list of open tabs that shows how much of your system each is using (and lets you force-close any that are bogging down your PC).

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These tools help keep Opera GX’s system usage low so it won’t slow down your PC and interfere with your gaming. That said, even non-gamers will find the built-in messenger app integrations and resource management tools helpful—as long as they can get over the browser’s visual style.

Opera GX’s default theme evokes the cliche “gamer” aesthetic: dark backgrounds, high-saturation neon accents, stylized icons, animated UI elements, and even ambient background sounds and music. Opera GX also has its own set of default wallpapers that mostly look like stylized space photography or which vaguely suggest a “hacker” aesthetic. None of these visual elements are bad, per se, but I’m not interested in my browser looking like the box a gaming headset comes in. Thankfully, you can upload your own wallpapers and change or disable the visuals and sound effects in the browser’s settings.

The other drawback is how the browser tracks user data. Opera GX tracks certain data (just like the normal Opera browser), including your IP address and browsing activity, plus some activity from connected third-party accounts like Twitch. Opera shares this data with advertisers and other third-party partners, but Opera’s tracking doesn’t feel any worse than Google Chrome’s—and users can disable (some) data-sharing from the settings menu.

As long as Opera GX’s data tracking isn’t a deal-breaker and you make sure to adjust with the theme settings so the interface isn’t a garish mess, there’s a lot to recommend about this browser, whether you’re a PC gaming enthusiast or a general users. You can download it here if you want to check it out for yourself.

Opera GX
Developer(s)Opera Poland
Initial releaseJune 11, 2019; 22 months ago
Stable release
73.0.3856.427 (7 April 2021)
EnginesBlink, V8
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, macOS
TypeWeb browser

OperaGX is a gaming-oriented counterpart of Operaweb browser for Microsoft Windows and macOS, developed by Opera Software AS.

Opera GX was announced on June 11, 2019, the same day as the start of E3 2019. As of April 2021, it is in open Early Access.

Gx Opera Gaming Browser

Browser features[edit]

Opera GX has the standard features of Opera, such as a built in VPN and AdBlocker, in addition features geared towards gamers. The 'Hot Tabs Killer' sets limits on resources: RAM, CPU, and network speed. It allows limiting of the upload and download speeds, in addition to 'GX Cleaner', which is intended to clear up space and make the browser faster. A feature called 'My Flow' syncs the data of the browser with the Opera Touch browser[1] for mobile devices. In addition to Opera's standard messenger sidebar, it has integrations for Twitch and Discord.

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The browser also has a built-in page called the 'GX corner', with a list of upcoming video game releases, personalized news, and a list of free games and sales.

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Opera Gx Gaming Browser Review

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