The Most Important Questions to Ask When Building a Home

EcoThrive Builders have all the answers to the questions to ask when building a home. We will help your dream home become a reality using our expertise at each step of this construction journey.

A home that reflects your stylistic tendencies is only possible when you know about the right questions to ask a builder. You can’t make your dream home a possibility without you hiring a competent custom home builder.

The two most important considerations when building a home are cost and time. Besides these, many others need your fair share of scrutiny before you hire yourself a builder. We will shed some light on the ten most important questions to ask when building your home.

Ten Questions to Ask a Builder

Here are some prudent questions to ask a builder, including the cost and time required for completion. These questions and their context will help you decide which contractor you can work with and which ones will prolong your project.

How Much Customization is Possible?

The most important question to ask a builder is the level of customization possible in the available presets and designs the contractor usually constructs. Deviations to such presets can result in quite steep price hikes which may not be feasible for most owners. 

Moreover, the level of customization envisaged by clients can vary considerably; from cosmetic changes to layout alterations. It is prudent to select a contractor that charges minimal additional costs for your desired customizations.

How Can I Select Finishing and Color Combinations of My Choice?

When building your dream home, make sure to select the finishing and colors for the interior of your choice. It is possible via different methods but the most efficient is to use the builder’s in-house interior designers and choose from their selection of colors and finishes.

What is Included in the Quoted Price of a Builder?

A vital question to ask a builder when constructing your home is to ask for the base price and what is included in it. A builder usually includes a certain amount of features in any quoted base price. 

However, some of the features you desire may fall in the contractor’s premium features list for residential home construction. Make sure your desired features come under the base price quote. Features such as HVAC, Cabinets, Hardwood Flooring, and Tiles usually command an additional price.

Will the Builder Help in Acquiring Land for the Project?

A common question to ask a builder includes whether they provide the services of attaining the land for the residential home construction of your house. The selection of land is an important milestone in building the home of your choice. 

Most neighborhoods and land authorities have their own set of principles to be adhered to. Make sure you're familiar with the residential home construction bylaws of where you're constructing before setting out to avoid any future mishaps.

Can A Builder Inspect an Existing Property?

In things you must know for residential home construction, knowing whether your builder will be able to assess an existing property is a must. If not, you need an assessment done from a third party which adds to the cost of your residential home construction. 

Make sure that any assessment of such a property answers important questions such as quality of land, soil conditions, an incline, and zoning considerations amongst others.

Can You Provide Customer Reviews?

Just like any other purchase, hiring a builder requires research. Research about the builder’s past endeavors is a question you must ask the builder. Glowing tributes and reviews of the builder's capabilities will surely put you at ease about letting the builder handle your project.

Are There Any Warranties Offered?

A new building construction offers hope for the owners but it is far from being foolproof in terms of any problems arising. Some builders do offer some warranties for residential home construction such as workmanship and the quality of finishes. Such builders sometimes charge extra but are well worth their value as it ensures you get services after the initial construction. 

How Long Will the Construction Last?

A good question to ask a builder is the time needed to finish your residential home construction project. An experienced contractor knows about their work rate and typical schedules. They are also aware of the time consumed in getting permit approvals and can thus make your time management better as well. 

Is Landscaping Included in the Base Price?

A question that must make into your top ten list is whether landscaping is included in the base price. Landscaping is an important activity and requires specialized services hence it can be a pain for any homeowner to organize its completion themselves. Adding this to your home building question list is nothing short of imperative.

Is There A Cost Escalation Clause in the Contract?

Cost escalation clauses are standard contract language and find themselves included in most contracts. However, if you want to avoid such unwanted and unforeseeable costs, you should ask your builder whether they include such clauses in their contracts? If yes, you can look for another builder for your residential home construction project.

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