How to Find a Home Builder: Steps to Building Your Dream Home

Building a house is a significant undertaking; thus, choosing a home builders contractor is no small matter. Given that you’ll be making one of the biggest investments in your life, you want to ensure you hire the best custom home builder. If you don't work with an experienced professional who is efficient and highly communicative, the experience will be less than satisfactory. You’ll need to shop around and compare your options before making a final decision. If you’re unsure about how to find a qualified builder, this article will provide all the guidance you need. Read on to learn more about how to find a builder for a custom home.

Collect Preliminary Information

After you’ve done some initial budgeting and planning, you need to start making a list of new home construction contractors who’ve handled projects similar to yours. Not every company that’s popular will be right for you, so you should make sure you hire someone with experience that matches your needs. For example, if you want a home that’s environmentally-friendly, you need to hire a qualified builder with a track record of delivering such homes.

A man checking the papers with residential construction company

You can ask friends and family for recommendations, use online resources, or contact a local contractors’ association for a list of home builder services. Once you’ve received some options, reach out to each home builders contractor directly to get more information. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau listing to find out what previous clients had to say. This should help you to narrow your list down to three or four contractors.

Talk to the Local House Builders on Your Shortlist

Interviewing prospective builders is an important part of the process. Before you decide to hire any home construction contractor, you need to get to know the company a bit and ask any questions you have. Each project is different but there are some basic things that all prospective homeowners should ask a residential builder. These include:

  • How long have you been in the new home construction business? The more experience a residential builder has, the more likely it is that they have systems in place to ensure their work is of a high standard and projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Can you show me your certificate of insurance? It may not be enough to ask a qualified builder if they have insurance. You need to see the type of insurance they have. Your contractor should have both workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance for the type of project you need them to undertake.
  • Will you handle the permits and inspections required for the project? Your home builders contractor should be well-versed in the kind of permits you need and how to go about getting them. They should also be willing to get them for you.
  • What is the timeline for completion? You need to be clear on how long each home builders contractor believes the project will take. Be sure to ask about any factors which could delay construction such as weather or other projects they have coming on stream.
  • What’s the payment schedule? Before construction starts, you need to know not just how much the project is expected to cost but when you’ll need to make each payment. Ask the home construction contractor for a payment schedule in writing.
  • Will you provide a dedicated team for the job? New home construction contractors usually have more than one project going at the same time. This isn’t a problem but you’ll want to make sure that, as far as possible, the same individuals will be coming to your home each day. This helps to ensure that the work is consistent.
  • Do you provide workmanship and materials warranties? A reputable and qualified builder will offer a guarantee on their work. They will also provide manufacturers’ warranties on certain materials they use. Be sure to find out where a prospective home construction contractor stands on this before you decide to hire them.

Residential construction in progress, at the design implementation beginning.

View the Work of Each Home Builders Contractor

After you’ve spoken to each potential home construction contractor and scoured the online reviews, you need to see their work for yourself. Ask to see projects they’ve completed or jobs that are in progress so you can see their quality of work. Not only should you ask for references but you should try to contact previous clients for first-hand reviews.

Ask about whether they experienced any challenges in working with the residential builder or if they discovered any problems after the project was completed. This is a good way to identify red flags before the project begins and it helps to ensure you don’t make a decision you’ll regret.

One of the residential builders on site with drawings, pictured from the back

Hire the Right Qualified Builder for Your Project

If you take our suggestions, you’ll find it much easier to find the best qualified builder to construct your home. As you do your research and engage directly with each home builders contractor, you’ll naturally eliminate some and be drawn to others. Be sure to consider company values as you make your decision. If you want a residential builder in Texas who can deliver a modern, eco-friendly home, you won’t go wrong by hiring EcoThrive Builders.

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