Building Or Fixing a Home? Here Are The Latest Home Trends You Need to Know

Interior and exterior design trends are always changing. Fortunately, our experienced team is always in the know and we can help you to plan the construction or renovation of your home.

Building or renovating a home is an exciting prospect. When you hire a custom home builder, you can get as creative as you want with both your interior and your exterior. While some features and styles are timeless, there are always new home construction trends and home renovation trends that everyone seems to love. In this article, we’ll tell you all about them.

Top 6 Home Building Trends Right Now

Whether you’re building a new house or looking to make some major changes to an existing home, you need to know about the most popular home trends.

#1. Technologies 

The Internet of Things has made its way into our homes. In fact, the smart home is one of the modern home renovation features in high demand. You can connect your entertainment system, security, and climate systems to the internet. These days, you can change the lighting in your home and even open and close your cupboards using an app if you so desire.

If you want to make your home as energy-efficient as possible, one of the new home construction ideas you’ll want to look into is solar roof shingles. You no longer need to attach large, unsightly solar panels to your roof. Solar roof shingles are aesthetically pleasing and can be custom-designed to blend with your regular roof tiles. These shingles are highly durable and relatively quick to install. They may also be tax-subsidized. Another reason that you may be interested in this luxury modern home construction trend is that you can sell unused power back to the grid if you generate too much.

Modern home renovation trends include smart thermostats and climate control systems. Many new home construction ideas include technology such as smart locks. One of today’s home renovation trends makes it easy to control lighting and other functions.

#2. Open-Plan Kitchens and Outdoor Areas

Open-plan spaces are among the most sought-after home construction and home renovation trends. Many people choose to combine just their kitchen and dining areas, but you can extend the design to include lounge space. It just depends on your personal preference and what works best for your family. That type of versatility is why open-plan home trends are so popular.

If you want to create a seamless transition between the interior of your home and your garden or backyard, an open-plan design will also work in your favor. You can even go as far as creating an outdoor kitchen or putting a dining area on your patio. This is an excellent way to utilize a small home or make your living spaces seem larger than they really are. As far as modern home construction and modern home renovation go, you’ll definitely want to consider this trend.

Need new home construction ideas? Consider an open-plan design. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas are among modern home renovation trends.

#3. Minimalism

Minimalist design can be incorporated both inside and outside the home. Minimalist outdoor home building trends feature geometric forms, little to no trim, and unfussy materials like glass, stone, and concrete. In keeping with the theme, the builder can expose structural elements of the home.

The clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and monochromatic schemes can also be brought inside. The focus will be on the architecture and color will be merely an accent. Many minimalist homes feature an open floor plan, lots of natural light, and simple furnishings which make the space feel inviting rather than cold and sparse. If you want a home that’s beautiful but uncluttered, this modern home construction trend could be the one for you.

Minimalism is one of the biggest home trends in 2021. Modern home construction is all about minimalist design. Minimalism is one of the most recognizable new home construction trends.

#4. Home Offices

More people are working from home than ever. That’s why the home office is one of the biggest home construction trends and home renovation trends. You’ll want a space that reflects your style while facilitating productivity. Some people have an entire room to spare while others need to create a functional, stylish office in a corner or another small space.

When your office is in your home, you have lots of freedom to be creative. Whether your style is flamboyant or understated, your office will finally be able to truly reflect your personality. Furthermore, you’re only limited by your imagination. Your home office can be located in your bedroom, a hallway, the kitchen, or even on a shaded open deck. No matter the size of your residence, this is one of the home trends you should consider.

Many modern home renovation projects now include a home office. This year’s home trends would not be complete without including the home office.

#5. Scandinavian Design

Homebuilding trends are often inspired by cultures. Scandinavian design is minimalistic but it incorporates a range of natural textures, neutral hues, and modern decor. If you like the idea of white walls, bare wooden floors, and an absence of window treatments, this could be the modern home renovation style for you. Pops of color and an abundance of natural light help to ensure the residence is still warm and inviting.

Scandinavian design is one of the biggest home building trends. When looking at home renovation trends, look into Scandinavian design.

#6. Natural Materials 

Another one of the new home construction ideas you should think about is the use of natural materials. The use of straw, bamboo, cork, rattan. and other naturally occurring materials can not just improve the appearance of your home but help to feel calm and at one with the environment. They also help to reduce the environmental damage that other construction materials can cause. 

 The use of marble and other natural materials is high on the list of home building trends. The use of natural materials is high on the list of home construction trends.

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