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EcoThrive Builders have built and designed many properties around Texas neighborhoods to the utter satisfaction of our clients. Choose us as the expert designers for the exterior of your house.

Most of us need makeovers to change the regular mundane from time to time, maybe a haircut or a facelift. Houses require the same, and that’s where our exterior design services step in. Here, at EcoThrive Builders, your house is our canvas. Our skilled professionals know the right tricks to build your home. Home design is our forte. 

Modern Exterior Design: A New Fad

Are you looking for an exterior design company near you who will remodel your house exactly as you need? You need skilled craftsmanship, the right aid, and the experience and knowledge of exterior design. 

A beautifully crafted exterior design for a house does wonders for its appeal. An elegant lawn or a rustic deck, a complete makeover, or just a different sleek alternative for the old creaky doors - our services cover it all. Tell us your dream design and rely on us to deck up your house exterior design to its fullest charm. 

A sophisticated and well-constructed sustainable property. Elegant paint and stylish windows for exterior design. Built-in solar panels for eco-friendly living.

5 Benefits Of Exterior Design

Warm outdoor parties and family gatherings and a poorly designed outdoor space do not click well. Here is why your house might need some remodeling.

  • Increment In-Home Value

Even the slightest change like new roof paneling greatly raises your house value.

  • Increased Durability And Protection

An exterior design service not only changes or beautifies the curb appeal but strengthens your house to fight damage.

  • Increased Efficiency And Aesthetic

You can finally design your house as you like and it comes with a great update - for instance, smooth controlling doors and garage gates. 

  • Security

A newly renovated house is always tougher to break into than an old house with fragile windows and old doors. 

  • Go Eco-Friendly

One of our greatest points of pride is that we not only build and design houses, we also build a sustainable future. When we talk of exterior design, we also mean using eco-friendly, non-toxic paints, and building materials. We try to use the best local resources to save time, energy, and fuel. 

We also provide layout options for building solar panels for houses and other non-exhaustible sources of power and encourage our clients to green living. After all, nothing perks up the exterior of a house than the beauty of nature. 

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You can find us at all major locations near you, including

  • Austin 
  • Leander
  • Cedar Park
  • West lake hills
  • Georgetown
  • Lakeway
  • Lago Vista


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