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EcoThrive Builders has extensive experience and impeccable reputation as a premium provider of new home construction, home extension construction, and whole house remodeling services.

Are you planning a whole house remodel to finally convert your house into a modern dream home? It’s a great idea, but one that you should implement with the help of home remodeling experts. Otherwise, you risk getting back to where you started, with a house that doesn’t live up to your needs and expectations. 

At EcoThrive, we have extensive experience building and remodeling custom homes. Whether you’re looking to just improve the aesthetics or you are interested in a total home remodeling that involves fixing underlying problems, like mold, outdated electricity systems, or structural issues, we can help. 

Why Choose Our Whole Home Remodeling Services?

Not only do we know what we are doing, but we also know how to do it to ensure the best results. With us, full-house renovations are a close partnership that consists of several important phases: 

  1. Exploration phase, where we learn all about your dream home and you discover how we work and communicate
  2. Design phase, where we create the 3D model of your redesign home and set the details of the whole house renovation project
  3. Refine phase, where you get a chance to ask questions, request changes, find out how much it will all cost, and, if you agree to proceed, make your first deposit. 
  4. Build phase, where our project manager and the assigned team come to your home and perform the contracted works, communicating closely with you and reporting all progress and any issues. 
  5. Enjoy phase, where we clean up after remodeling the whole house and let you enjoy the results of our work – a new, improved home, with better-looking and more functional kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other interior and exterior spaces. 

Get Your Whole House Remodel Cost Estimate Now!

At EcoThrive, we know you have a limited budget that you need to plan to the best of your abilities. We enable you to do that by providing a free whole house remodel consultation that briefly covers the exploration, design, and refine phase and allows us to estimate the whole house remodel cost. 

We have clients from all over Austin, Leander, Cedar Park, West Lake Hills, Georgetown, Lakeway, and Lago Vista, TX, interested in our whole home remodeling service. Call 512-422-5265 and schedule your consultation now!

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Get a FREE Consultation Now! Let’s start building

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