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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Let’s take a look at how to install Google Chrome on Windows 10. While Windows 10 comes with its own browser, Microsoft Edge, it might still make a lot of sense to install Chrome as an additional browser on your computer. Two or even more internet browsers can live together quite happily on one system, so that’s certainly not a limiting factor.

I can’t count the cases where something that wasn’t working in one browser miraculously worked in another, so having multiple browsers on your computer can sometimes save the day if you’re having issues with certain websites.
What’s more, if you’re using any of Google’s services (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, …), you will get a better experience and more features when working with the Chrome browser. This is especially true for Google Chrome remote desktop.
With that being said, let’s take a look at the Google Chrome setup procedure.

  • Google Chrome adalah browser yang cepat, mudah digunakan, dan aman. Dirancang untuk Android, Chrome memberikan artikel berita yang dipersonalisasi, link cepat ke situs favorit dan hasil download, serta telah dilengkapi dengan Google Penelusuran dan Google Terjemahan.
  • Unduh Google Chrome 85.0.4183.102 untuk Windows secara gratis dan bebas virus di Uptodown. Coba versi terbaru dari Google Chrome 2020 untuk Windows.

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How to Install Google Chrome Correctly

Obviously it’s important to download Google Chrome from the correct location so that you don’t get any malware or unwanted guests like viruses on your computer. I will provide a direct Google Chrome download link in a moment so you can use that one just to make sure. I’m going to assume that you’re using Microsoft Edge to download Google Chrome as Edge is present on any Windows 10 computer. If you’re using another browser (like Firefox or Opera), the instructions to open the downloaded file might be slightly different.
If you click the Google Chrome download link, you’ll see a screen like this:

You can click the “Download Chrome” button to start your download.
You will then be able to see the downloaded file near the bottom left corner of your Edge window:

Chrome Download Free Windows 10

Click the “Open file” link to continue. This may take a few moments and then you might see a user account control window, asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”. Click yes to continue.

The Google Chrome setup program will now start and you will see a screen that says “On your marks...” indicating that the installation will begin.

Next is a screen where you will see the actual download of the necessary files will begin:

... and a few moments later you’ll see the actual installation take place.

Shortly after that, Google Chrome will be ready and installed on your computer. Ready for you to go. You can click the “Get started” button to, um get started and begin using Google Chrome.

As this window appears, you’ll also notice that the Google Chrome icon has appeared on your Windows taskbar. You can take advantage of this situation and right click on the icon and select “Pin to taskbar” in order to pin the Google Chrome icon to your taskbar permanently. This way you can always start Google Chrome with a single click on its icon on your taskbar.

If you click the “Get started” button in the Google Chrome window, you'll be taken to an introductory screen where you can add bookmarks to your favorite Google apps. You can also skip that for now if you don’t want to do this.

Google Chrome will also ask you to pick a background for your new browser.

Next, Chrome will also suggest that you set it as your default browser but you can also skip this and come back to it later should you want to.

Now Google Chrome will want to know whether or not you want to synchronize your browser data across different devices, but we can also come back to that later as we are now dealing with how to install Google Chrome.


If you click “no thanks” you’ll finally be taken to Google’s homepage where you can start your internet searches.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Google Chrome on your computer! You see, if you’ve ever wondered how to install Google Chrome on Windows 10, you may not have realized how easy it is. As mentioned before, you just need to make sure that you’re using the right download location and not some shady malware link but other than that there’s nothing complicated about it. By the way, I have written about downloading Google Chrome before so you can take a look at that article as well if you’re interested.
This concludes how to install Google Chrome on Windows 10, I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and will enjoy your new browser.

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December 01, 2017

Yes, it is easy to install the Google Chrome browser on your Amazon Kindle or Fire tablet. You can do it in two minutes or less and won't need to root the tablet. Just a single free download and you'll have Chrome

If you're one of the millions who picked up a new Amazon Fire HD tablet when they were on sale recently for $49 (8') or $79 (10'), you may be discovering what I found out when I bought mine.

The Fire HD is a really, really nice tablet. Great for surfing the web, keeping up with email, watching videos, listening to music, and yes, even reading Kindle books.

It's quick, virtually indestructible, and easy-to-use. Hard to believe you can get such a powerful handheld computer for under $50.

But even with all it's goodness, the Fire tablet is missing something.

The Google Chrome browser.

Yes, the Fire tablet does include Amazon's Silk browser. And while it isn't bad, it isn't as fast or easy-to-use as Chrome.

Amazon would prefer you use the Silk browser and stay within the Amazon universe. They don't want you straying off into Google Land.

But there's no technical reason you can't install the Chrome browser on a Fire tablet. It won't void the warranty and in fact, will make the tablet even better.

Fortunately, installing the Chrome browser onto a Fire tablet is easy. You can do it in less than two minutes simply by visiting one web page and clicking the download link to install.

I show how in the video below.

Install Google Chrome On Windows 10

As noted in the above video, installing Chrome on your Kindle Fire is pretty easy. Just use the Silk browser on your Kindle Fire and go to

Install Google Chromecast

There, download the version of the Chrome that matches the version of Android on your tablet. After that, click the downloaded file name to install.

When the install is complete, Chrome will be on your Kindle Fire. If you have a Google account, you can log into the Chrome browser on your Fire, and all your saved bookmarks and logins will show up.

Install Google Chromecast

As noted in the last part of the above video, if you want access to the full Google Play store, where you can choose from hundreds of thousands of apps to install on your Fire, you can do that as well. See details at