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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

In Minecraft the appearance your character has is referred to as your Skin. Like most gamers, players in Minecraft love to change their characters skin from the default to something else either known or uniquely created by them.

This article will introduce you to some free resources for downloading and creating Minecraft skins for Minecraft Education Edition.

Minecraft Java Edition


Add Custom skins to Minecraft Education Edition – See this other article on how to get your Character Skins into Minecraft Education Edition once they have been created.

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You have surely heard of Minecraft, well Notch Development have now released Minecraft: Education Edition. An educational platform where children can learn about the world and express their creativity at the same time in the Minecraft world. Minecraft: Education Edition requires Windows 10. Trials or subscriptions of Minecraft: Education Edition are offered to education tenants that are managed by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). If your school doesn't have an Azure AD tenant, the IT administrator can set one up as part of the process of getting Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraftskins.net is a good starting point where you can browse and download a Minecraft skin but also edit a skin and create your own. All the necessary editing tools are available and I like that you can change the pose of your character so see more fully what you have created.


The Skindex is similar but has a cleaner looking Skin Editor. This one may appeal to students more as it has less clutter and perhaps an easier editing interface to work with. Easily switch between Slim and Classic skins. It has a better colour picking tool than MinecraftSkins giving you many more options.

This is a list of versions for Education Edition. Prior to these versions, Education Edition existed as an official mod called MinecraftEdu. 1 Game client 2 Code Connection 3 Classroom Mode As of Education Edition 1.7, Code Connection is no longer needed for coding as Code Builder is now built-in to the client. When you open Minecraft: Education Edition, the version number is displayed in the lower right hand edge of the home screen. Where do I find information about the latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition? Check out the What's New page for information about the latest release, including version number and new features.

Nova Skin has a great interface to work with, bright and colourful for students – almost feels like you’re in Minecraft designing this character. Change the editor background to a number of available Minecraft images. All the creative tools expected are available with addition of a couple of tools I like – the Camera to take a snapshot of your skin and also a GIF tool to create an animated GIF of your creation which you can also download.

Minecraft education edition newest version

Nova Skin provides a number of pre-created features you can easily apply to your skin – eg. clothing, hair, shadow, outfits.

When you first open Blockbench you might think you’ve opened a professional photo editing program, it just has that appearance. But do not hesitate to start using it. You will find it very intuitive and before long you will have the skills to not only create character skins for Minecraft Education Edition but also other models and items for Minecraft. You are really creating from scratch here – there are no user created catalogues to access other than your own.

Blockbench is available to access for free online and also on your device. Download it for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Those are the editing tools I’d recommend for creating skins for Minecraft Education Edition. Remember it’s not easy to get these created skins into Minecraft so check out my guide on how to do that here.

Minecraft Education Edition Chromebook

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