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SHOUTcast is proprietary software used to stream media over the Internet, especially used in music live streaming by the radio stations on Internet, and is developed by Nullsoft with versions for all major platforms, including Linux. SHOUTcast is a free popular software for streaming media over the internet. Developed by Nullsoft in 2017, it allows digital audio to be broadcasted over the internet thus powering lots of internet radio stations.

Nullsoft Shoutcast Source Dsp

NameSizeDateDownload count
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe 2.0 MB 2017-04-09 01:33 152
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe 2.1 MB 2016-07-22 05:40 59
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup_WINE.exe 2.1 MB 2016-07-22 05:38 52
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe 2.1 MB 2016-07-22 05:15 11
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe 2.1 MB 2016-06-21 04:48 93
All Files
(NEW) Shoutcast GUI with FanBox
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe2.0 MB2017-04-09 01:33152
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe2.1 MB2016-07-22 05:4059
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe2.1 MB2016-07-22 05:1511
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup.exe2.1 MB2016-06-21 04:4893
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe2.1 MB2016-05-18 20:3960
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe2.1 MB2016-05-18 20:3995
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup_WINE.exe2.1 MB2016-05-18 20:322
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe4.9 MB2014-09-06 14:0332
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe4.9 MB2014-09-06 14:0330
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe4.4 MB2014-01-29 08:4523
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe4.4 MB2014-01-29 08:4521
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe4.4 MB2014-01-21 07:5613
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe4.4 MB2014-01-21 07:553
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe4.4 MB2014-01-11 20:244
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe4.4 MB2014-01-11 20:2216
ShoutCastGui_install_64bit.exe4.3 MB2013-12-13 13:2830
ShoutCastGui_install.exe4.3 MB2013-12-13 13:2626
ShoutCastGui_setup64.exe4.3 MB2013-12-12 13:4425
ShoutCastGui_setup32.exe4.3 MB2013-12-12 13:3018
ShoutcastGUI for Linux
SHOUTcastGUI_Setup_WINE.exe2.1 MB2016-07-22 05:3852
README0.3 KB2016-05-15 21:0120
(OLD) Shoutcast GUI
sourcecode.zip216.8 KB2011-06-26 04:0485
SHOUCastGUI.zip670.4 KB2011-06-26 04:0368
Sc_transcoder DNAS Gui
sc_trans_gui O.2.zip676.9 KB2010-11-13 00:2964
NullSoft Video Software
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NullSoft Video Software Part Two

NSV tools
The software tools you need to start broadcasting NSV / Winamp TV.
Updated repack of Nullsoft NSVtools software.
Submitted by
Download :
Updated VP3 video codec.
Encoder DLL for the updated VP3 video codec.
Submitted by slavas
This software has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to use it.
Download :

Shoutcast DNAS Server

AOL Ultravox server

Nullsoft Shoutcast Source Plugin

Icecast Server


NSV Shoutcast source
For the Linux operating system.
Can stream live or pre-recorded video.

Submitted by KXRM
NSV Shoutcast source
For the Linux operating system.

Nullsoft shoutcast source dsp

Steamcast server
Stream server for both NSV and Theora ( OGM ) media format.
Server can list stations on multiple YP Directories. ( IceCast - SteamCast - ShoutCast )
Server has been ported to multiple operating systems. ( Windows - Linux - FreeBSD )