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Getting Started

import pdb;pdb.set_trace()

python -m pdb <>


  1. Welcome to Python Cheatsheet! ☕️ Anyone can forget how to make character classes for a regex, slice a list or do a for loop. This cheat sheet tries to provide a basic reference for beginner and advanced developers, lower the entry barrier for newcomers and help veterans refresh the old tricks.
  2. Python Coding Cheat Sheet Programming isn’t easy, especially if you’re not good at memorization. Depending on the language you are working with, you must recall a fair share of syntax, commands, and functions. Even if you work with code every day, it’s information that’s easy to forget.
  3. Functions are blocks of reusable code that perform a single task. Real Python: Python 3 Cheat Sheet Created Date: 7/5/2015 10:35:15 PM.








h(elp) command


Whether you’re working with string methods or built-in functions in Python, this Cheat Sheet helps you program the correct order for the operation so you achieve the correct result.



b(reak) line_number

b(reak) line_number, condition

Set a breakpoint at a specific line, if condition is met

b(reak) file:line_number

Set a breakpoint in a file at a specific line

b(reak) func

Set a breakpoint at the first line of a function

disable number

Disable breakpoint number

enable number

Enable breakpoint number

clear number

Remove breakpoint number


p(rint) expr

pp expr



l(ist) start, end


Cheat sheets can be really helpful when you’re trying a set of exercises related to a specific topic, or working on a project. Because you can only fit so much information on a single sheet of paper, most cheat sheets are a simple listing of syntax rules. This set of cheat sheets aims to remind you of syntax rules, but also remind you of important concepts as well. You can click here and download all of the original sheets in a single document.

A more recently updated version of these sheets (April 2021) is available through Leanpub. The updated version includes a sheet that focuses on Git basics, a printer-friendly b&w version of each sheet, and each sheet as a separate document. There is an option to download the fully updated set at no cost.

PythonPython Code Cheat SheetPython basics cheat sheet

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Easy Python Code Cheat Sheet

Python Code Cheat Sheet

Overview Sheet

Python For Dummies Free

  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet
    • Provides an overview of the basics of Python including variables, lists, dictionaries, functions, classes, and more.

Python Basics

  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Lists
    • Focuses on lists: how to build and modify a list, access elements from a list, and loop through the values in a list. Also covers numerical lists, list comprehensions, tuples, and more.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Dictionaries
    • Focuses on dictionaries: how to build and modify a dictionary, access the information in a dictionary, and loop through dictionaries in a variety of ways. Includes sections on nesting lists and dictionaries, using dictionary comprehensions, and more.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - If Statements and While Loops
    • Focuses on if statements and while loops: how to write conditional tests with strings and numerical data, how to write simple and complex if statements, and how to accept user input. Also covers a variety of approaches to using while loops.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Functions
    • Focuses on functions: how to define a function and how to pass information to a function. Covers positional and keyword arguments, return values, passing lists, using modules, and more
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Classes
    • Focuses on classes: how to define and use a class. Covers attributes and methods, inheritance and importing, and more.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Files and Exceptions
    • Focuses on working with files, and using exceptions to handle errors that might arise as your programs run. Covers reading and writing to files, try-except-else blocks, and storing data using the json module.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Testing Your Code
    • Focuses on unit tests and test cases. How to test a function, and how to test a class.

Project-Focused Sheets

  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Pygame
    • Focuses on creating games with Pygame. Creating a game window, rect objects, images, responding to keyboard and mouse input, groups, detecting collisions between game elements, and rendering text
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Matplotlib
    • Focuses on creating visualizations with Matplotlib. Making line graphs and scatter plots, customizing plots, making multiple plots, and working with time-based data.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Plotly
    • Focuses on creating visualizations with Plotly. Making line graphs, scatter plots, and bar graphs, styling plots, making multiple plots, and working with geographical datasets.
  • Beginner’s Python Cheat Sheet - Django
    • Focuses on creating web apps with Django. Installing Django and starting a project, working with models, building a home page, using templates, using data, and making user accounts.

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