Remote Mouse Receiver

Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

REALIGN AIR MOUSE - To realign the air mouse on the remote, go near the plugged USB Receiver and your smart TV device (within 1 foot), press and hold the OK and Home buttons together at the same time for 10 seconds, and then release both buttons. Remote Mouse™ turns your iPhone or iPad into a user-friendly remote control for your computer. It simulates the function of wireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad, also provides a variety of specialty control panels, such as Media Remote, Application Switcher and Web Browsing Remote, which helps you perform specific operations more quickly.


Remote Mouse Receiver Unit

Remote mouse receiver
  • PowerPoint & Keynote slide control
  • Green laser pointer (532nm, 1mW)
  • 360-degree mouse & patented ClickTrigger
  • Assignable buttons and hand gestures
  • Windows & OS X compatible
  • Windows® & macOS® compatible
  • Up to 150 foot wireless range

Remote Mouse Receiver Unit Toshiba

  • Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms
    • PowerPoint presentation slide control
    • Complete computer control
  • Classrooms & Amphitheaters
    • Interactive lectures
    • Multimedia control
    • Internet-hosted course reviews
  • Hotels & Public Venues
    • Computer presentation control
    • Non-restricted 150' wireless range

Remotemouse Net Windows 10

  • Jade Programming Utility (64-bit)(32-bit)
  • Windows XP, Visa, 7, 8, 10 compatible
  • Apple OS X compatible