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Posted : admin On 1/28/2022

Overall: We use shapr 3D to design furniture, products, as well as architecture / interior design modeling while on site and in the studio.It can also import external mesh and cad files needed for your design approach and later export the design as mesh or cad format needed for 3D printing, rendering, or further cad modeling / documentation in other external cad applications. Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD to run on an iPad Pro.

  1. Sharp Flat Screen Sizes
  2. Master Grooming Sharp Pro Sharpener
  3. Shaper Profile Bits
  4. Twice As Sharp Pro


The knife sharpener with suction cup for safer, hands free use



Portable and versatile, with a finger safety guard

3-in-1 Smart Box Grater

A grate, peel & shred tool with a catch-all box and ergonomic grip.



With a Power Grip suction cup for safer, hands free use

Sharp properties


Mini Chopper with safety enclosure and dual auto-rotating blades

Sharp knives and tools make work easy, help food stay fresh and improve presentation. But sharp tools can be dangerous too, and sharpening is often a skilled task. AnySharp's innovative products are safe, easy to use and work brilliantly. Our mission is to make innovative products that are easy to use and work brilliantly. We are the creators of the iconic “World’s Best Knife Sharpener.” We recently debuted 9 new colors on our Pro model, which sharpens any knife in seconds and with no skill required. Other items in the AnySharp lineup include Smart Scissors, Multi Tool Sharpener, the Smart Box Grater and the Mini Chopper. All AnySharp products come with a lifetime warranty.

Sharp Flat Screen Sizes

Steph Hrycak shows you how to sharpen almost anything!

Master Grooming Sharp Pro Sharpener

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Twice As Sharp Pro

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