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SQRsoft Advanced Crossfading 1.7.9. This is useful for those who want more fine-grained control over cross-fading settings. The only downside is that it. The SQRSoft Crossfader plug-in should be visible (see below) Click the presets tab for the following screen.NOTE: you will not see any presets until you create or import them. Click Import and choose the vboogieman.apf file you downloaded using the following dialog box. You can just double click the vboogieman.apf file.

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SqrSoft Advanced Crossfade Problem

Hi All.
Just encoded an audio CD of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood narrated by Richard Burton with --alt-preset 80.
Inadvertantly I started to listen to it with SqrSoft Advance Crossfading Output plugin in Winamp which , untill now I've rated pretty highly for crossfaded output.
Well this particular encode generates the most hideous ringing/clipping with the crossfading plugin as output.
It's gone when I use the standard wave out but I'm curious as to what would cause this? Is it connected to the 32khz samplerate used by --alt-preset 80 on this CD? I don't see 32khz listed in the 'open wave device as ' drop down in SqrSoft configuration options.
Also the first disc (of two) comes in compressed at 34.5 mb - just that bit too much for my mum to get the whole first disc on her Rio (600?). What would you guys suggest I do to get the mp3 below the magic 32mb without ruining Richard Burton's voice!!
EDIT: no modified alt-presets please, unless ratified by the man (Dibrom) himself!!

Sqrsoft Advanced Crossfader

SqrSoft Advanced CrossFading crossfade two tracks, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist.

Developer:Mariano Lopez
software by Mariano Lopez →
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OS: Windows Vista (?)
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SqrSoft Advanced CrossFading crossfade two tracks, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist.
The crossfade is made by analyzing sound level of the last seconds of the song to determine the best mix point, applying the level envelope curves to the beginning and end of the tracks. You can set different crossfading parameters for normal crossfade on track end and when you skip the track.
This includes the mixing length so you can set the mix to 10%, 20%, etc. SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output includes a Gap Killer that eliminates the silence or any sound bellow the trigger level, this is applied to the start and end of the track.
SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output also includes format converter that gets activated when you try to mix two songs with different bits per sample, sample rate or number of channels.
The sample converter will automatically change the track to the format selected in the 'Open wave device as...'.
SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output can send the crossfaded audio data to a second DSP for Compression or Shoutcast. This version supports non-linear crossfading curves.
Output PCM Formats: 11025Hz, 22050Hz, 44100Hz and 48000HZ. Mono and Stereo. 8-bit and 16-bit
Input PCM Formats: All sample rates (build-in sample rate converter). Mono, Stereo. 8-bit and 16-bit
Sound Buffers: Up to 32 buffers with a dynamic rage from 2Kb to 64Kb. The system calculates the best size while playing. Priority adjust for buffer thread process.
Mixing buffer: 500ms to 30000ms configurable range with prebuffer control.
Crossfade: Adjustable working range, 0% to 100% of the mixing buffer, initial(fade-in) and final(fade-out) level control. Crossfade curve control (non-lineal) Individual setting for normal crossfade, fade-on-skip/stop and fade-on-seek.
Signal analyzer: It allows crossfade point shifting by signal level. Trigger level from -1dB to -60dB.
Gap Killer: Adjustable trigger level from -6dB to -60dB. Individual settings for rise and fall edges of the track. Smooth cut to prevent clicks on some tracks with high DC bias offset.
Advanced options: It allows to enable or disable Fade on stop, flush on stop, seek or skip, crossfade on small samples, auto-next on long tracks and the whole Crossfader engine.


Download SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output 1.75

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SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output 1.75
Mariano Lopez
SqrSoft Advanced CrossFading crossfade two tracks, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist.

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SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output 1.75
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SqrSoft Advanced CrossFading crossfade two tracks, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist.

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