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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Learn how to play your favorite songs with Ultimate Guitar huge database. Guitar, guitar pro, bass, drum tabs and chords with online tab player. Sunshine of your Love Guitar Pro (ver. 2) Filesize: 17 Kb. Instruments: guitar, bass, percussion. Tuning: Contributor: Katrppur. To download 'Sunshine of your Love' Guitar Pro tab. You must have Guitar Pro software installed on your computer in order to view this file. TABS FOR THIS LESSON AVAILABLE ON MY NEW GUITAR LESSON WEBSITE: less.

Here’s a classic riff from Cream, featuring the great Eric Clapton. This is such a fun one for beginners to learn, not just because it’s recognizable, but because it’s actually a little difficult! You all like a challenge, right?


For this lesson, we’re going to be playing it a bit differently from how it’s done on the original recording. We’re playing it in a different part of the neck, which should put it more in your beginner’s wheelhouse, but we’ve got some other interesting things going on.

Sunshine Of Your Love Guitar ProSunshine Of Your Love Guitar Pro


The rhythm for this song can be tricky to count aloud, so what I’d recommend is listening to the original recording a few times to hear the rhythm. Familiarize yourself with it and get it in your head. For now, this will be much easier for you than trying to grapple with the counts.

Cream-sunshine Of Your Love Tab Guitar Pro 5




All down-picks here! Simple enough, but there is some string jumping. You’re going to be playing on three different strings for this riff. Don’t worry, though – take it super slow to start off with and I promise it’ll get much easier the more you practice it. Even if you can’t play it up cleanly up to speed, it will at least sound better and better over time.

Sunshine Of Your Love Guitar Pro


When it comes to your fretting hand, you’re going to be playing on the thickest three strings with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers lined up in a row. You want to try to keep them relatively well in place on the fretboard so that your fingers aren’t flailing about too much. This might prove to be somewhat of a stretch for you, but it should start to feel comfortable after a short while.


I think it might help some of you to have the TAB available, but the best way is to learn it by ear!

BTW, the squiggle on the 3rd string that looks like a crossbreed of a 4 and 7 is actually a half a beat rest, that's there to show the rhythm, it's not something you should play! The riff is only on the thickest 3 strings!

Module 4: It's D Minor Sunshine

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