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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

The idea of the perfect tech pack means how detailed you can be when it comes to illustrating your design requirements for the factories.

A technical sketch, which can also be referred to as a CAD, Fashion Flat, or Technical Flat, is a detailed and accurate representation of your garment. It is most often used as a part of the Tech Pack to communicate the design, construction, and stitch details of your garment to the factory. Download 12,769 Technical Drawing Fashion Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 161,065,351 stock photos online.

This includes design sketches, materials and of course all of the specifications of a quality techpack. You'd be surprised at how just a neatly detailed sketch of a design alone can do all the explanation, as it's usually easier for people to follow visual guidelines.

Making sure you have a complete garment or accessory sketch before starting your tech pack is essential. The fashion industry program of choice is Adobe Illustrator. It's ideal to create vector sketches with rich detail that work perfectly for tech packs. The beauty of developing vector sketches is that you can modify it over and over again to create new styles.

No matter how experienced you are, putting together a good tech pack takes time. Evidently, a more complicated style can take longer to complete than a simple one. Still, creating an accurate sketch can help expedite the process and spare you headaches. Here are 3 important tips you might must consider when preparing your sketches:

It's All In The Details.

Be thorough and don’t skimp on details. Omitting parts of your sketch will only make your job harder when it comes time to explaining your design to the factory. This means every seam, dart, stitch and button must be in place. Typically, a solid line on a garment represents a seam line and a dashed line represents stitching. Don’t point to a detail in your techpack and its not actually visible on your sketch!


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Forget the shortcuts. If you are creating custom embroidery, beading layout or print for your product, draw each and every little detail for your factory to follow, it will pay off! It's better to invest the time now than to receive a sample that you cannot use and waste more time. Develop detailed templates (i.e. the inside lining or label placement of your garment) that you can use in many tech packs later.

Include multiple views

For garment sketches, it is typical to have just a front and back view but remember, you may need to add additional sketches to show the inside of the garment and/or how parts of the garment function. For accessories, it's important to have multiple views as it provides a better understanding of the design. For example, if you are creating a tech pack of shoe or a bag you will need a front, back, side and sometimes even a top, bottom and ¾ view.

Technical Sketch Fashion

Keep It Simple

Creating a sketch for a tech pack can be very different from the type of sketch needed for a presentation. Tech pack sketches do not need much movement or shading, as it can be distracting. Black and white sketches can be easier to understand and provide a clear representation of your design.

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Further reading:

192.168.l.lWhen entering into any industry, there is always a new language to learn, and fashion is no exception. In fact, technical design packages alone contain several terms that may be new to someone just starting out, or even industry veterans. Tech packs include all the information necessary to communicate to a manufacturer how a product should be made, and if you’re at this stage now, you may have heard the term “flat sketch,” or “flat,” mentioned.

What is a flat sketch?

Technical sketch fashion knit

A flat sketch, also called flat drawing and technical flat in the fashion industry, is a technical drawing of a garment as if it were laid flat to show the design details like seams and stitching. It is a black and white CAD (or computer-aided design) drawing that serves as a guide for drafting the pattern design, and is prepared at the beginning of the development stage. This helps both the designer and the patternmaker throughout the entire garment-making process.

Why is a flat sketch important?

Fashion Body Sketch

A flat sketch serves as an essential part of the garment specification sheet—or tech pack—that goes to the patternmaker and sewing team. The drawing gives the patternmaker the information they need about the technical components that make up each garment.

Not sure how to get started on yours?

Technical Sketch Vs Artistic Sketch

If you already have a garment concept, the next step is to find a studio to put together your technical design package. JLD-Studios is one of many factories that offers full apparel development, including technical design services.

Technical Sketch Definition

Technical flats are only one aspect of the technical design package. For more information about tech packs and their components, visit the following pages: