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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

From the same genius behind RollerCoaster Tycoon comes Transport Tycoon Deluxe, a much-expanded and improved version of the original Transport Tycoon. Build, micro-manage, and compete against the computer (or solo play) to establish your own transportation empire! Download Simulation - Software for Windows. Download The Sims 4, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Cat Goes Fishing and more.

We present the first bugfix release of the 1.11 release series!

Along with our usual bug fixes, we’ve broken our own rules and included a couple of features in this release - a vsync option which should hopefully fix screen-tearing seen by some people, and volume controls in the Options window (with better defaults).

Notable bug fixes include improved scaling of a few windows, and better detection of faulty GL-renders which should avoid some crashes on startup due to bad video renderer.

See the changelog for more.

Now you may play Transport Tycoon Deluxe on the go! Experience the greatest of tycoon games on the palm of your hand, available for both Pocket PC and Palm OS 5.
You'll be put in the middle of a thriving landscape of cities. In order to become the transportation tycoon, you'll need to build trains, planes, ships, and automobiles and send them off to make you rich.
Transport coal to the power station for top dollar, or logs to the sawmill to produce goods. Take those goods to a nearby city and cash in, but don't forget to pick up passengers waiting at the bus station! From advertising to construction, you'll do it all with up to 7 computer opponents all wanting to be the next tycoon!
  • Now works on VGA devices!
  • Loads the PC version of OpenTTD's save game files! Take your games on the go. Right-click emulation via hard buttons.
  • Fast landscape graphics via custom raw frame buffer drawing routines.
  • Full threaded sound effects and music. Updated continually by the OpenTTD nightly builds.
  • The biggest game to hit Palm OS, Palm TTD provides full 480x320 Tapwave API accelerated graphics. It's free for the public! No DAA (developer's access) required. Designed for both left and right handed players! Tuned specially for the Palm OS, you'll feel the speed of the trains, planes, and automobiles!

  • Installation: (Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone)
    1. Download PPC/Palm OS version files.
    2. Create a temporary folder on your PC and unzip the contents to it.Deluxe
    3. Copy trg*.grf and files from the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe game folder to the Data subfolder that was created in step 2.
    4. Copy gm_tt*.gm files from the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe 'gm' folder to the 'gm' subfolder that was created in step 2.
    5. Copy the entire folder to your Pocket PC/Smartphone.
    Note: You will need the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files in order to play the game on your device.
    For more information please visit the OpenTTD community

    Transport Tycoon Deluxe Iso


    Transport Tycoon Deluxe Cd

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