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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Since I’m using JetBrain WebStorm – by far the best choice for Javascript-coders – I recently had a look in their plugin repo and what did I see? A MongoDB plugin ( @Webstorm ). It comes with two views: the Explorer lets you pick the collection you want to query from, the Runner executes your queries and shows a JSON-prettified set of. Learn about WebStorm MEAN (mongodb, expressjs, angularjs, node.js) stack walkthrough and tips and tricks in this video and blog post: http://bit.ly/1kriIgv.

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The following document pertains to the mongo shellincluded in theMongoDB Server Download.For information on the new MongoDB Shell, mongosh, refer to themongosh Documentation.

To understand the differences between the two shells, seeComparison of the mongo Shell and mongosh.

In addition to the documentation in the MongoDB Manual, the mongo shell provides some additionalinformation in its 'online' help system. This document provides anoverview of accessing this help information.

Command Line Help¶

To see the list of options and help for starting the mongoshell, use the --help option from the command line:

Shell Help¶

To see the list of help, in the mongo shell, type help:

Nodejs mongodb webstorm

Database Help¶

In the mongo shell:

  • To see the list of databases on the server, use the show dbscommand: [1]

    show databases is an alias for show dbs.

  • To see the list of help for methods you can use on the dbobject, call the db.help() method:

  • To see the implementation of a method in the shell, type thedb.<method name> without the parenthesis (()), as in thefollowing example which will return the implementation of the methoddb.updateUser():

[1]If the deployment runs with access control, the operationreturns different values based on user privileges. SeelistDatabases Behavior for details.

Collection Help¶

In the mongo shell:

  • To see the list of collections in the current database, use theshow collections command:

  • To see the help for methods available on the collection objects(e.g. db.<collection>), use the db.<collection>.help()method:

    <collection> can be the name of a collection that exists,although you may specify a collection that doesn't exist.

  • To see the collection method implementation, type thedb.<collection>.<method> name without the parenthesis (()),as in the following example which will return the implementation ofthe save() method:

Cursor Help¶

When you perform read operations withthe find() method in themongo shell, you can use various cursor methods to modifythe find() behavior and variousJavaScript methods to handle the cursor returned from thefind() method.

  • To list the available modifier and cursor handling methods, use thedb.collection.find().help() command:

    <collection> can be the name of a collection that exists,although you may specify a collection that doesn't exist.

  • To see the implementation of the cursor method, type thedb.<collection>.find().<method> name without the parenthesis(()), as in the following example which will return theimplementation of the toArray() method:

Some useful methods for handling cursors are:

  • hasNext() which checks whether thecursor has more documents to return.
  • next() which returns the next document andadvances the cursor position forward by one.
  • forEach(<function>) which iterates thewhole cursor and applies the <function> to each document returnedby the cursor. The <function> expects a single argument whichcorresponds to the document from each iteration.

For examples on iterating a cursor and retrieving the documents fromthe cursor, see cursor handling. Seealso Cursor for all available cursor methods.

Wrapper Object Help¶

To get a list of the wrapper classes available in the mongoshell, such as BinData(), type help misc in themongo shell:

Webstorm Mongodb

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Webstorm Mongo Plugin

Set of Tools, Frameworks and Languages I have used to solve problems
Programming Languages and Frameworks
  • JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Gatsby.js, Material-UI, GraphQL

  • Java, Spring Boot

  • Scheme (Functional Programming)

Cloud Deployment

Webstorm Mongodb Data

  • Google Cloud Platform (Authentication, Hosting with Firebase, Cloud Functions)

  • Amazon Web services (EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Code Commit, CLI, Elastic Load Balancing)

Web Technologies

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

  • OAuth 2.0

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

  • JSON Web Token (JWT)


Webstorm Add Mongodb

  • MongoDB Cloud

  • MySQL

  • Cloud Firestore (Google Cloud)

  • Amazon DocumentDB (AWS)

Design and Development Tools
  • Sketch App

  • Invision

  • Screenflow

  • Keynote

  • Docker

  • Visual Studio Code

  • WebStorm

  • IntelliJ

  • GitHub / BitBucket / GitLab

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • JIRA / Asana

Operating System
  • OSX (Mac)

  • Linux

Other Capabilities
  • Web Services design and implementation

  • Serverless application development

  • REST and GraphQL API design and implementation

  • Wireframing, Prototyping and UX Design

  • Data Migration

  • Development of offline-first applications (PWA)